Why It’s Time To Ditch The Shampoo And Conditioner Forever

As more and more studies are released about the damaging effects of popular ingredients used in name-brand shampoo and conditioner products, more women than ever are moving to a more natural approach when it comes to caring for their hair.

One of the most popular ingredients used in hair care products is synthetic fragrances. Many women pick out a shampoo or conditioner based on how good it smells. The problem with these synthetic fragrances is that they are produced from petroleum, a chemical that can cause serious scalp inflammation, resulting in dandruff and dry skin.

Additionally, studies show that these synthetic fragrances get absorbed through our skin and into our bloodstream. These chemicals are toxic and can result in a variety of health problems such as kidney disorders and hormonal imbalances.

Another popular ingredient used in almost every commercial shampoo product is sodium lauryl sulfate. This ingredient makes shampoo foam up into a rich lather. Many women believe that a foamy lather is a sign that a shampoo is doing its job. However, this lather is actually useless as it doesn’t affect the cleaning abilities of a product whatsoever. What sodium lauryl sulfate does do is dry hair out tremendously, leaving it frizzy and damaged. That’s because this chemical strips hair of its natural oils that keep it soft and healthy.

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That’s why women are switching to a new product called Cleansing Conditioner by WEN. This product gently cleans and conditions hair without stripping it of its natural protective oils. The ingredients found in WEN Cleansing Conditioner are completely natural and plant-based. Instead of using synthetic fragrances and sulfates, WEN product uses botanical extracts and vegetable glycerin to make hair softer, shinier and healthier than ever.

If you’re tired of spending money on hair care products that leave your hair feeling dry and dull, Buy WEN Cleansing Conditioner.

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Wen By Chaz Dean Is Giving Women Back Their Confidence

Most women out there today take special care in how they treat their hair and what they put in it, but many are unaware that it’s not uncommon for traditional shampoos and conditioners to contain chemicals that can be harmful to hair. These harmful chemicals can actually cause an individuals hair to become brittle and dry over extended use. The best option for fixing this problem is switching to a hair product that is free of chemicals, and contains only natural ingredients. These product will clean the hair as well as keep it healthy and looking strong and plump.
The celebrity hairstylist Chaz Dean created his own line of hair care products for women having difficulty with managing their hair, the Wen hair care line. He and his team designed this product for people who wanted to achieve results they normally would need to go to the salon for, right in the comfort of home. More importantly, he wanted to give women a product that would make them feel confident in their hair and looks. Wen cleansing conditioners come in different types, for different preferences as well. Check out the Wen Amazon products page.

Bustle Magazine writer, Emily McClure, reviewed the product herself in order to give her readers some insight on the product, and also to satisfy her own curiosity. She gave details in how she went about using the product over the course of a week, and she also posted before and after photos to show what she experienced. In the end, she was happy with her results even though she was skeptical and is sure to add Wen to her regular routine for hair care. With Wen’s 5 in 1 formula, it can take the place of many typical shampoos and conditioners women use from the store, as well as other styling products. For more info, check out the Wen official YouTube channel.

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