How the Successful Ushealth Advisors Remains On Top through Its Team

UShealth is a group of companies that provide a range of healthcare coverage including specific disease covers, accident insurance critical illness insurance, dental insurance and short accidental disability among others through their wholly owned subsidiary UShealth Advisors. The company’s motto is to HOPE which stands for helping others every day, a mission they embody with a lot of commitment.

UShealth advisor began in 2010 and markets the UShealth group portfolio products underwritten and insured by UShealth group. The group has been in operation for over 35 years and has top-notch agents who sell the product. They invest in agents as they are the face of the company by training them to ensure that they understand the products. The company has experts who train the agents to ensure they are top notch and can articulate the business’s product.

The agents are also well compensated with commissions and bonuses creating an opportunity for the agents to earn a six-figure salary. The company ensures that the agents can earn and build wealth by allowing the agents to be part of the enterprise’s stock program. Once they join the stock program, they became what they call the agent owners. There are also incentives and contest where the agent can participate, ensuring they stay motivated and recognize each one for their effort in building the company. They ensure that once you became an agent, you don’t remain the same. Read this article at to know more.

The UShealth advisors have made it easy became an agent as one can do this through the website. They provide access to the jobs by filing forms found on the website and once this is done the experts contact you. Once you became part of the team, you can access the website the various tools and products via the internet site as you receive login details. The company provides the agent’s e-commerce platforms enabling them to market the company wherever they are. The experts and other officials support you, and for most of the agents who have worked for the group, they consider it as a family.

UShealth advisors recognize the veterans, and they have a program that enables the military men to transition and became part of the team, putting to good use the discipline and talent they have acquired. The commitment and the family spirit that they keep advocating keeps them winning.

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Jorge Moll: Neuroscientist turned Entrepreneur

Jorge Moll is a bilingual neuroscientist who has recently opened a venture capital firm in Silicon Valley.


Moll attended medical school at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and graduated in 1994. Moll continued his fellowship at the Federal Univ. of Rio de Janeiro with a residency in neuroscience. After completing his fellowship, he began his Ph.D. in Experimental Pathophysiology, Faculty of Medicine at the University of Sao Paulo. Thesis: fMRI in moral judgment and sensitivity in 2003. Moll is an asset to both of his alma maters – the research that he has contributed to neuroscience has been a huge boost to the medical schools at both the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and the University of San Paulo (IDOR).


As an avid researcher, Moll has been able to make significant contributions to the field of neuroscience through his various research pursuits. HE did not stop research after he completed his studies and continued as a Research Fellow for 2 years at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. Jorge Moll then did a short stint at Sanford University in 2015 and 2016 as a visiting researcher. Moll then formed the Instituto D’Or de Pesquisa e Ensino in 2007 and has since continued research and developing new and exciting solutions in the ever-changing field of neuroscience.


As a bilingual scientist, Moll is able to complete his research and studies in both English speaking and Spanish speaking countries. Moll is also a Research Fellow NIH award, and an elected affiliate member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences, and was elected as a governors board member of the International Neuroethics Society (


As Moll has broken into the venture capital world, he will become more and more relevant in the press. With accolades of success in the research world, we will expect to be learning more and more about him as he brings the same success into his new venture.

What USHEALTH Advisors Is, Their Types of Insurance Coverage, Where They’re Located, and More

Personal and family insurance is a field with tons of confusion, uncertainty, and anxiety, for some, here in the United States of America. Fortunately for American citizens at large, at least one insurance provider is helping clients make sense of coverage by providing them with quality plans – USHEALTH Advisors, LLC.

Also called USHEALTH Group and USHEALTH Group Advisors, USHEALTH Advisors is located in Fort Worth, Texas, although there are hundreds of independent agents across the country. It owns and operates countless of Freedom Life Insurance Company of America and National Foundation Life Insurance locations – they’re both subsidiaries of USHEALTH Advisors -throughout America, as well. The agency has provided their well-reviewed, highly-valued services to an astounding 15,000,000 – that’s fifteen million – clients throughout the past fifty years, making it one of the oldest insurance providers throughout the United States.

They’ve been reviewed as offering top-notch customer service, with domestic customer service representatives available at most times throughout the work week, even later in the evening to accommodate the needs of hard-working American citizens. USHEALTH Advisors was even named a member of the Top 50 North American Call Center in 2013, a reputation the organization still upholds through this very day.

USHEALTH Advisors currently holds an A+ business rating from the BBB – short for Better Business Bureau – meaning its agency resolves every reasonable problem clients have had throughout its entire history, rather than making clients seek out help on Internet forums, from offshore call centers, or by asking friends and family because they can’t get in contact with the insurer – these happen far too often, but not at USHEALTH Advisors.

Stay up to date with USHealth Advisor at linkedin

Its employees and independent contractors typically hold comparably high salaries, making them work more diligently and exhibit more loyalty and higher quality of customer service. For example, Glassdoor indicates that USHEALTH Advisors’ average insurance agent brought home more than $70,000 on an annual basis. Account managers earn about $52,000 annually, with independent contractors acting as insurance agents raking in a mean yearly salary of $85,000. Such high salaries is one of the many reasons its customers are so often satisfied.

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Freedom Life Insurance- The Guide You Never Knew You Needed

There is a point in every adult’s life when they realize that they need to plan for the future. Life insurance can be confusing and complex, term life and permanent life insurance are the two options but are very different. Enlist the help of Freedom Life Insurance to explain the differences between the options. They are experienced their field, offer premium life insurance, and can answer even the most difficult questions.

Term life insurance is only for a set period of time such as 20 years for example. This means that once the 20-year mark is reached the insured party will have to purchase a new policy after coverage ends as it does not roll over automatically. At the end of the term, the policy can be renewed in most cases. Freedom Life Insurance offers quality term-life insurance to meet everyone’s needs. For individuals that would prefer to skip a physical examination, there is an option to have a convertible term policy that can be turned into a permanent policy. The catch is that the premiums are much higher. Term policies do not accrue cash savings and the premiums increase with age.

Permanent life insurance covers the insured the entire course of their life after the initial purchase. It doesn’t matter how old the insured lives to be. These policies do accrue savings that can be borrowed against. Generally, permanent life insurance policies cost more, but it is important to realize that term life insurance may start out inexpensive and end up very expensive. A major benefit is that permanent life insurance rates do not go up. Freedom Life Insurance can help explain and navigate through the different types of permanent life insurance. There are whole life, universal life, variable life, and universal/ variable life insurances to select between.

For those shopping around for life insurance, let Freedom Life Insurance help. Their ample experience in-depth knowledge will ensure all parties are satisfied with their decision. They are the ideal guide to a complex process.

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Why everyone is signing up for Sussex Healthcare

When our relatives acquire medical problems, it’s always a hard time for us. They need our support and love. They also require our physical attention because they may not be able to take care of themselves. As much as we may love them and want to be there for them, it may not be possible. This is because they also require financial support. In such cases, we have to take them to a healthcare facility. Here, their health is monitored, and their needs are fulfilled.

Taking your loved one to the wrong facility will only delay their healing process and worsen their health condition. Sussex Healthcare is identical to a home. The staff here are very compassionate and committed to taking care of the patient. From the time you sign up for the healthcare, you become their responsibility.

There are very many reasons as to why many patients prefer Sussex Healthcare. One factor is that they understand that with anxiety, the patient may not have a smooth recovery. The Sussex Healthcare helps their patients retain their social life. The healthcare also encourages the ill individuals to continue engaging in their fun activities. Doctors and nurses understood that some of the patients might have been in accidents and lost some of their body parts. With their present condition, they may not be able to engage in their previous hobbies. In such situations, they discuss the hobby of their patients and help them find a related hobby.

The Sussex Healthcare staff are educated from time to time. Although the staff is made up of professionals, it is essential that they are updated on changes that take place in the medical field. This is because a medical solution or a disease comes up every day.

Sussex Healthcare has the right equipment to treat their patients. Patients with memory loss are surrounded by their items, to help trigger their memory. Sussex healthcare also takes care of dementia patients. It is also a home for the elderly and adults with physical disabilities. Sussex Healthcare also takes care of patients with chronic diseases.

Sussex Healthcare has currently launched a new branch. The branch has the high standards that they have always been associated with in the past. The exterior layout resembles the old Sussex Healthcare facilities. It is, however, equipped with tools and machines that you are likely not to find in other health facilities. The interior of the home is well decorated to ensure the patients feel comfortable. Check more:


Dr. Shafik Sachedinapersonal and career background

Dr. Shafik Sachedina was born in 1950, in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania. In 1975, Shafik qualified as a dental surgeon from Guy’s Medical Hospital as well as Dental School, London University. He moved to England where he settled and became a British National up to date and holds various positions in many healthcare firms. Presently, he is the joint Chairman of the Sussex Health Care Company. The company is devoted to offering care to support services and homes located in Sussex County in South England.

The Sussex Health Care has a priority to provide a state of the art service to every person that seeks their support. As a result, the institution has always invested in a dedicated staff and efficient services and ensured that they have the right resources at all times. Consequently, It has been reflected by the rewards the company received for many years from various professional Healthcare bodies.

With over 30 years of experience, Sussex Health Care supports over 30,000 people. It is no doubt that the institution plays a fundamental role in improving the lifestyle of the surrounding communities.

Shafik has practiced his career in England for decades. Also, he developed considerable interests in the health-care field. In a voluntary capacity, he worked with the Jamati and Aga Khan institutions in keeping with the community’s long-standing tradition of free service delivery.

While he served at the Secretariat of His Highness the Aga Khan at Aiglemont in France as Head of the Department of Jamati Institutions, Shafik Sachedina was in charge of coordinating a series of programs and activities of the Ismaili community’s institutions in about 16 critical areas that such organizations exist. Besides, Dr. Shafik has the responsibility for interfacing with the Aga Khan Development Network Programs as well as Institutions of the Ismaili communities based in Central Asia.

Apart from being a member of the Board of Governors at Aga Khan and Jamati Institutions. Dr. Shafik holds an array of other positions in the work he carries out for the Ismaili Imamat and the community, comprising of being a member of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) Committee, Aiglemont, Member of the Ismaili International leader’s Forum and Chairman of Focus Humanitarian Assistance International Coordinating Committee.

Dr. Shafik also served in previous voluntary capacities in ways such as President of the Ismaili Council for the United Kingdom for two consecutive terms. He has diligently performed his duties as a reliable expert, and he is a highly respected guy. Read more:


Freedom Life Insurance and their Life Insurance services

The procedure of making the right choice about the appropriate life insurance is comprehensive but critical. It is for this reason that it is important to know the necessary guidance towards making the best decision.

There exist two types of life insurance. That is term life insurance and permanent life insurance. The fact is that the former applies for a specified duration. It offers one the decision of comparing the length of the term policy as well as the length that it is required. For instance, it is wise buying a term life insurance of twenty years in a situation that one needs to make sure that funds will be available for the college education of their children who are currently young. In the same way, one purchases a term policy for the duration of time that he wants to get the repayment of the debt by the insurance.

The Freedom Life Insurance Company offers both types. The firm is known for its provision of products and services associated with Life Insurance. Freedom Life Insurance has been successful in the course of its operations since its establishment.

Even though there is the need for a substantial amount of the insurance, it is wise having a budget that is limited. However, such a type pays in the case that the beneficiary dies within the course of the term. The coverage, however, ends in the case that one does not die within the period. The coverage only continues upon the renewal of the policy or the purchase of another new one. It is different from permanent insurance in that one cannot typically set up equity related to cash savings.

Supposing that one has the feeling that the financial needs could change, then the convertible term policies can be an appropriate option. Individual policies of term insurance are bound to renewal upon its termination. The premium, on the other hand, increases generally. Some of the policies also need a medical examination during the time of renewal. It is through such that one is eligible for the least rates. Permanent life insurance applies as long as one lives. The policy thus pays of the time that the beneficiary dies.

Notably, Freedom Life Insurance firm is American, and its operations are alongside its role as the USHEALTH Group’s subsidiary.

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Oncotarget’s Platform That Provides a Unique Platform for the Scientific Community

Oncotarget is a weekly peer reviewed publishing platform that puts out medical reports regarding oncology. The paper’s first paper came out in 2010 and is currently under the administration of the editors in chief Andrei V. Gudkov and Mikhail Blagosklonny. The two are research experts at Roswell Park Center Institute and have an undeterred commitment to provide the scientific community with accurate information on several topics, one of it being the development of cancer treatment.In 2017, the paper published a paper shedding light on how vitamin C helps combat cancerous cells. The article went ahead to compare the effects of using vitamin C with pharmaceutical drugs like 2-DG. Dr. Micheal P. Lisanti is the author of the material and stated that vitamin C is an affordable, organic and non-threatening treatment.

Micheal works as a professor at University of Salford with a specialty in translational medicine. He revealed that his team had has had a longstanding research in finding natural cancer treatments, among them being milk thistle, honey and CAPE.The study’s focus was on the operation of cancer cells and how vitamin C exceeds 2-DG in potency. The properties found proved that the right amounts would cease occurrence of tumors, metises, and progression of existing cancer. The most notable discovery was that it inhibits CSC formation, hence is a promising solution to cancer patients.Oncotarget has gained an unprecedented number of followers lately who are actively aware of the information available.

Their constructive criticism, insights, multi-authored commentaries fire up the scientific community and prompt scientists to advance their projects. Oncotarget has a high publishing standard that is maintenance by an expert team in addition to Mikhail and Andrei. The team played a key role in the acquisition of the 2013 Breakthrough Prize. Oncotarget has a license from Creative Commons Attribution and is the recipient of a 5.0 rating from Impact Factor in their 2015 review.Some of the studies under Oncotarget’s publishing rights include cardiology, pharmacology, metabolism, cardiology, cell and molecular biology, neuropathology, metabolism, and neuroscience. Oncotarget’s weekly review is a fast way of keeping people updated and allowing researchers to compare results expertly.

Jim Tananbaum Involvement in Neurologic Treatments

The start-up known as Mindstrong Health is one company that is focused on Neurological treatments. Mindstrong Health yesterday stated that they managed to get 14 million dollars in the initial round of financing. This was done with the intention of its neuropsychiatric treatment as well as its platform for diagnosis of such conditions. The company has come up with a platform which is Al-powered, and it is intended to observe interaction patterns via smartphones to monitor brain function. The platform looks to give biomarkers of cognition and biomarkers that are digital and uninterrupted. Dr. Tom Insel, who is the President and co-founder of Mindstrong Health said that he was impressed by the steps taken by the company to transform the scrolling or typing patterns of individuals while on their smartphones to a pinpoint way to measure the cognitive function. This new cutting edge approach to assess is just but a stepping stone for the foundation to invent better means of improving mental health. Check out LinkedIn to know more.

Foresite Capital led the initial round of financing alongside ARCH Venture, and they were later joined by One Mind Brain Health Impact Fund, Optum Ventures and also Berggruen Holdings, as the Calif-based company stated. Jim Tananbaum, the CEO of Foresite Capital, stated that the founding team of Mindstrong Health provides incomparable comprehension of the serious problems within the medical circles when it comes to attending to patients that have disorders related to cognitive health. The fusion of Rick, Tom and Paul’s knowledge technical vision and leadership, anyone intent on outcomes of such patients shall acquire a platform that is innovative which improves as well as greatly modernizes the provision of care to the patients.

Dr. Paul Dagum, CEO of Mindstrong Health, notes that modern medical care and treatment is dependent on measurement that is objective but despite this, mental health tracking depends on the reports coming from clinical environments. To get better results for mental disorder patients, the need to be measured objectively just like any other chronic disease.

Jim Tananbaum, who is the founding CEO at Foresite Capital Management. James has successfully led 21 healthcare companies these being the likes of Amerigroup, Jazz Pharmaceuticals, and Amira Pharmaceuticals. Before this, he founded and served as management at Theravance and also GelTex Pharmaceuticals, which got absorbed by Genzyme for 1.6 billion dollars later on.

James has a Master’s Degree attained in Harvard Med School and an additional MBA at Harvard Business School and later a BSSE and BS Yale University.

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