My German Shepherd Loves Beneful

My German Shepherd, Samuel, has always been a picky eater. I had a hard time finding wet or dry dog food that he would eat consistently as a puppy. Purinastore‘s Beneful Chopped Blends and Medley wet dog foods has made my life easier. Now my only problem is keeping him out of the cupboard looking for more.
Beneful offers wet dog food with real ingredients that your dog will love. Samuel’s favorite is the Chopped Blends with chicken, liver, peas, brown rice, and sweet potatoes. He also loves the Chopped Blends with beef, carrots, peas, and barley.

Occasionally I buy the Tuscan Style Medley and Mediterranean Style Medley to mix things up. Samuel enjoys these just as much. The Tuscan Style Medley is made with beef, carrots, rice, and spinach. The Mediterranean Style Medley is made with lamb, tomatoes, brown rice, and spinach. It is hard to believe a dog actually enjoys spinach, some humans will not touch the stuff.

As picky as Samuel is, he now expects dinner at a specific time every single day. Beneful has helped me keep a routine. Now Samuel has his dinner and knows his walk is coming right after. My dog is a member of the family and I want him to eat what he enjoys. I know I spoil him and I know he is happy.

Beneful has a variety of wet dog foods to choose from. Dogs that are picky eaters will have a hard time resisting the options of Beneful that’s available on Wal-Mart.

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A New Type of High Quality Meal for Dogs

The Daily Herald recently reported on an exciting new trend among dog food companies. They brought up a familiar fact, that people are becoming more and more concerned about food quality. Most everyone these days is trying to ensure that they food they’re eating is fresh, high quality, and as tasty as possible. When people eat chicken for example they know it’s important for it to be fresh and tasty. But the big surprise from the Daily Herald comes from the latest group to take healthy eating to the next level. The same households that are focusing on healthy eating for the people within it are now taking a lot at what the family pet is eating as well. The Daily Herald also noted that there’s a new trend of dog foods patterned after human meals. This might seem a bit surprising at first. But it’s easy to forget that humans and dogs have been living together for quite some time. Any dog owner can attest to the fact that man’s best friend will often stare at the dinner table with a look of pleading in his eye. The fact that so many people have noted health improvements when eating healthier makes it quite apparent that the family pet deserves a food upgrade as well. But while this might come as a surprise to some people, others have been giving higher quality meals to their dogs for quite some time. For example, the Beneful brand of high quality dog foods has always placed special importance on the quality of its ingredients. In a time when almost all dog foods relied on artificial flavoring, Beneful insisted on deriving great taste from great ingredients. Instead of trying to simply add flavoring agents Beneful realized that they could do with dog food what chefs for ages had done with human food. Beneful realized that they could create great tastes that dogs love by taking fresh natural ingredients and cooking them in complementary ways to create great tasting meals. And this is one of the things that many companies are only now catching up with. Beneful realized that dogs and humans alike don’t simply want a single ingredient. Instead, dogs and humans alike want real meals which consist of multiple great tasting ingredients. This commitment to high quality has allowed Beneful to start as and remain one of the most popular suppliers of high quality dog food.