Thor Halversson: Human Rights Defender

One of the most dedicated professions is those who dedicate themselves towards being human rights activists. The troubles, hardships, and overall worldwide challenges that are posed from championing the rights of those who are opposed can be daunting and overwhelming. Thor Halvorssen has continually committed himself towards achieving a better understanding of individuals.

The unique point of view that Halvorssen has harnessed has developed from a multitude of sources. Early on while attending college at the University of Pennsylvania, he would graduate magna cum laude, establishing himself as a highly motivated intellectual who is willing to push himself to succeed. Thors success there as a humanitarian became bolstered under the tragedies of his parents.

Human Rights Foundation

In 2005, Thor Halvorssen would help the Human Rights Foundation to become incorporated. Through its incorporation, he would lead it to lobby significant causes such as the release of political prisoner Liu Xiaobo. Halvorssen’s advocation for Xiaobo’s release would be a highly consequential one as it stood up against of human rights violations by many of the very contentious leaders in China. This rise against the Chinese labor machine would be one that would end up causing Halvorssen to become barred from many parts of the country.

Protest Through Film Making

Halvorssen’s protest came the most strongly through his film making career. He has established a large catalog of films that challenge violators of major human rights issues. Perhaps his biggest film, Freedom’s Fury was created in order to highlight the uprising against the dictatorship in Hungary. His films have been supported by major producers such as Lucy Liu and have garnered an even bigger audience in hollywood where they are revered for their direct message. It’s through the future creation of these films that Halvorssen can create important pieces of protest that highlight social injustices.

Thor Halvorssen and the Future

Thor Halvorssen’s future currently sets itself in the land of film making, but he continues to hold the Oslo Forum every year and is incredibly active with the Human Rights Foundation. While it is unknown just how long he will make films it is known that he will continue to fight to conquer human rights issues and bring justice for those in need.

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