Why the Manse On Marsh Community Is So Popular?

A little more than 20 years ago, the Manse On Marsh assisted living community opened to the usual fanfare that could be expected in the industry back then. In hindsight, the Manse On Marsh community was the elderly acumen for staying young. Discovering a perfect community is rare, but if reports are to be believed, downtown San Luis Obispo takes great pride in this affiliation. “If you needed an updated modern Norman Rockwell portrait of an utopian elderly community, it would feature the Manse On Marsh,” says owner, Chris Skiff on the Manse Twitter.

What makes this particular community so quintessential for aging in place? All the options leave you eager to uncover each and every possibility. For one, the Manse On Marsh offers a broader community for active seniors. In fact, its almost impossible to want to sit back and relax with all the activities available. Gone are those days when retirement meant inertia. Today’s concept for aging in place translates to synergism for a healthy mind, body and spirit.

Why Age-Exclusive Communities Work

It’s been scientifically proven that everyone can maintain good mental and physical health while diminishing the ravages of cognitive decline, and the Manse On Marsh is the poster child for this process.

  • Regular physical activity is important, which is why they offer activities, both for the body and for the mind. Consistent physical movement can strengthen neural connections, and keep your brain in shape.
  • Delay the effects of brain aging by using brain training games (cards, chess, crosswords, puzzles). Intellectual stimulation is a protective factor against cognitive decline.
  • Chat with friends and you will help maintain brain activity. The social engagement stimulates the mind.

The Manse On Marsh owner, Chris Skiff learned early on that physical and regular exercise, complimented by social interaction are beneficial activities with age, because they reduce the risk of developing diseases that can affect brain function. “Many elderly people have few if any age-related declines, just from consistent mental exercise,” says Skiff.

The facility offers a daily exercise schedule and a bevy of options to choose from, like dancing, yoga or stretching. Those are just a few choices residents can enjoy. Our community is engaging, both physically and mentally. “We keep the minds active and the body moving,” adds Skiff.  See more on the Manse on Marsh’s official blog.  Otherwise, Caring.com has a great in depth review of the facility.