Brilliance Path of Todd Lubar Accomplishment

Todd Lubar is a popular businessman in the finance industry and credit. He is well expertise in the field of mortgage banking enabled him to be appointed as the president of TDL Global Ventures. As the sales director of Debt Defense Services LLC and also senior vice president of Legendary Investment enable the organizations to develop. Lubar is also a professional in real estate and finance and worked for the different organization for twenty years. Washington is where he was born and raised and started his education in the year 1977 from Sidwell Friends School. When he finished elementary school education he later joined The Peddle School in Hightstown New Jersey. He went to Syracuse University for his degree and graduated with Bachelor of Arts degree in speech communication.

Through his entire career journey, he has shown better reputation in the finance industry and credit. Crestar Mortgage Corporation is the organization that he began working as loan originator his tenure at the organization enabled him to have more experience and expertise. It enabled him to serve his clients through providing them with better services and also linked up with other prominent financial planners, real estate agent and insurance agents hence coming up with better innovative technology. He, later on, left the organization and joined the Legacy Financial Group that is situated in Arlington, Texas. Furthermore, his main role at the organization was to make sure financial group enlargement it businesses in Maryland. Todd also improved the financials of the organization through making more profit. He, later on, was appointed as the in other organization including Charter Funding which has a branch named First Magnus Corp that is located in Arizona. At the organization, he acted as the senior vice president. His clients are well satisfied with services that they are being given hence they are grateful these motivate Todd to provide better technology. Check out for more.

Todd Lubar also invests in another part of the world these enable him to provide employment to the community hence they live comfier. Some of the businesses that he began are real development industry, recycling industry, and nightclub industry. Follow his Twitter page.

Chris Burch Shifts his Focus to Hospitality

Having founded several successful retail brands such as C. Wonder and Tory Burch, Chris Burch has now shifted his eye on hospitality. Together with his hotelier James McBride, Chris Burch will acquire a beach hostel located on the Indonesian island of Sumba. It will cost them $30 million to renovate and rebrand the Indonesian beach hostel, which will now change its name to Nihiwatu. In 2016, Chris Burch’s beach hostel was voted the world’s best hotel by Travel +Leisure.

Chris Burch acquired the Indonesian beach hostel for his children, and as an asset, he would preserve and give back to the community. According to Chris Burch, you can do things that can’t be done elsewhere when you are in a place with a beautiful palette. For example, you can install a butler in every room or build a spa under a waterfall. In fact, the Indonesian beach hostel turned into more than what Chris Burch anticipated. The newly acquired resort has 27 private villas, which include Chris Burch’s private home. It’s subdivided into villas, where each section has a private plunge pool.  Additional reading on

The Background

Chris Burch, the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital has a long track record of success as an investor and entrepreneur across a broad range of industries. He has been instrumental in the rise of several luxury and technology brands including Voss Water, Poppin, Jawbone, and Nihiwatu. Mr. Burch formerly served on the boards of The Continuum Group and Guggenheim Capital.

Chris Burch’s entrepreneurial journey unfolded in 1976 as an undergraduate at Ithaca College. While at school, he teamed up with his brother Bob to start Eagle’s Eye apparel and grew it to $165 million worth of assets before selling to Swire Group. Shortly after the sale of Eagle’s Eye, Chris Burch invested in Internet Capital Group, a globally recognized IPO in the Internet space. Mr. Burch would leverage his ability to find the nexus between innovation and implantation to make significant strides in the world of business. He would combine his experience in direct-to-consumer channels with his intuitive understanding of consumer behavior to steer his ventures to prominence and success.  Read his shared insights and views in this article on

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Chris Burch has a stake in several international and domestic real estate ventures. In 2011, he founded C. Wonder, a home décor, accessories, and apparel retailer, which was purchased by Xcel Brands. He has recently renovated and rebranded Nihiwatu, a luxury resort on the Indonesian Island of Sumba to a five-star resort.  Read more about this resort, hit on

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Changes in the Fashion and Technology Industry

The technology and fashion industry have several similarities. They have grown together in the past. With time, the technology industry has become fashionable, while the fashion department has become technologically fashionable. Both industries have a fascinating journey. Christopher Burch tried to compare the past and present of these departments.

In the 1970’s the popular boom box introduced a new trend in the industry, allowing its users to carry around their favorite tunes and even stations. Later on, the two cassette desk was introduced. One side was used to play music while the other end was used to record. This method was used until the 1980’s, and it was introduced to the movie industry. In the 90s, technology advanced, and people were allowed to experience a more personal music experience thanks to the invention of the popular Walkman. In the recent times, things have become better and smaller with the introduction of the iPod. All this proves that technology has grown according to the popularity of what is considered fashionable.

The synthesis of fashion and technology is happening today. The designers in the fashion department are excited when they create items that are received well in the market. This can only happen if these professionals use the latest technology. With the use of technology, designers can come up with better standards in functionality and innovation.

One of the most respected fashion designers in the world, known as Anouk Wipprecht says that technology is similar to a playground, an area that is meant for experiments. As individuals dive deeper, especially in the systems and techniques, they are awarded endless and beautiful possibilities. Anouck has invented Avant –garde designs. She has earned the respect of many people thanks to her achievements.

Some of the upcoming fashions that have advanced through the use of the modern technology are special because they protect the consumer. Although it might not be very

fashionable for an individual to wear bike protections, experts in the industry designed a system that can be worn around the neck for the protection of the cyclists. In the case of an accident, the wearer is protected from serious harm. Firefighters have not been left behind. They can now wear frontline globes, designed by Ashwin Rajan and his partner Kevin Cannon.

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Chris Burch is the founder and also the CEO of a company known as Burch Creative Capital. He has a lot of skills in business, and he uses this knowledge to help upcoming entrepreneurs in making sound investment decisions.  More to read about him on  He has helped more than fifty companies to grow in revenue.  More of his views and insights on this article on

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