Meet the Canadian Businessman-come- Advisor Louis Chenevert.

Louis R. Chenevert has served as the chairman and CEO of the United Technologies Corporation since 2008. After working as the CEO for six years, Mr. Chenevert opted for retirement. He has as well served the company as the President. Since early 2006, Louis was the Chief Operating Officer of this firm.

Before joining United Technologies Corporation, Louis Chenevert worked with the General Motors. He worked with this firm for over a decade. During his stay in this firm, he got a promotion to hold the position of the Production General Manager. From here, he worked with the Pratt & Whitney.

A year after retiring from his position at United Technologies Corporation, Mr. Louis went to work with the Sachs Merchant Banking Division. He, for two years, worked as the Senior Industry Advisor. Chenevert is as well a member of various business forms. He makes a part of the Business Council. He was also a part of the US- India CEO Forum, but he retired. He additionally is a part of the Board of Directors at Cargill Inc. Moreover, Mr. Chenevert chairs the Board of Advisors of the Yale Cancer Center. He is as well a member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

Chenevert is an alumnus of the University of Montreal. He is a holder of a Bachelor of Commerce degree which he got from this university. From the same institution, Chenevert was honored with a doctorate. He serves as a chairman of a Board of Advisors of this institution.

Louis Chenevert had worked at different multi-million- dollar corporates. From his service in such firms, he came up with the idea to start up his own company, now United Technologies Corporate. Numerous ideas were also brought up to the table by some of the executive board members of the company. In an interview, Mr. Louis states that the company is majorly driven by its interest to deliver to clients the best of service.

Louis additionally states that United Technologies Limited had come to life by him focusing on nurturing the talents presented to him and keeping up with the continually evolving technology. Close monitoring of the staff was also mandatory to keep the business smoothly running. Constant and thorough business reviews also held the firm on its feet and focused on its primary goals.

A New Company Enters The Energy Drink Market

There are plenty of companies competing in the energy drink market, but now there is one more to make consumers happy. That is the Jeunesse Global company. Yes, you read that correctly, Jeunesse Global is getting into the business of energy drinks. They want customers to taste the difference in what they have to offer and what the rest of the energy drink industry has put out to date.

What makes Jeunesse Global so different is that they were founded by two formerly retired people with a mission. These individuals were actually a couple, and their mission was to provide the kind of products that people wanted in their lives to help them look and feel younger and healthier. It was not going to be easy of course, but the company has not let that get in their way. They continue to crank out innovation after innovation.

Nevo is the name of their revolutionary energy drink. It is special because it provides the energy boost that people are looking for while at the same time cutting out many of the added ingredients that come with those other beverages. They also keep it down to just fifty calories per can. That means that even a person who is on a diet can still get the energy boost that they crave.

In order to purchase this beverage you will need to speak with a Jeunesse Global partner. They are all over the planet selling the Jeunesse Global brand to their friends and family. You might actually know someone who does this and not even realize that this is how they make their money. You should ask them what they can offer you in terms of these types of products. They often have the whole catalog ready to go for you.

There are few opportunities in life to consume a product that you both enjoy and that does not bust your diet up too badly at the same time. Nevo is that rare exception to the rule that so many people are looking for in life. Anyone who is serious about their energy levels and diet should try it out.

Shervin Pishevar 21-hours of Tweets, Is It Madness Or Genius?

Shervin Pishevar is an Iranian-American entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and super angel investor. He is the co-founder and former executive chairman of Hyperloop One and a co-founder and managing director of Sherpa Capital, a venture capital fund which has invested in companies including Airbnb, Uber, and Munchery.He is an early investor for many successful entrepreneurial giants and co-founder of Sherpa Capital, has caused the financial world to pause with his 50-tweet hailstorm of predictions backing them with often ominous trends in economic and financial logic. Silenced for a brief period, Shervin reconnected to investors, supporters and the financial world with his 21-hour diatribe on twitter. Will his ability to predict trends in business and economy continue to reveal his usual uncanny accuracy as in the past?


27/ “As I’ve said before Silicon Valley is it longer a physical place but an idea that’s gone viral. Entrepreneurship is a movement. Borderless”


A reference to a train station in China which was built in nine hours is an example of what Shervin Pishevar tweets as “frictionless” innovation. In the city of Longyan, 1500 workers were coordinated to build a station to connect three railway lines to the newly constructed Nanlong Railway. The trains on the new railway will support speeds up to 200 kilometers/hour. According to Shervin Pishevar this railway, another model of China’s “speed of execution,” is expected to be complete by the end of 2018 connecting southeast China to central China. Get More Information Here.


32/ “Speed of execution across many sectors from other regions is startling. Very little of frictions that are becoming systemic fractures here”


Congress and the President have been seesawing with the Mexican Border Wall issue for over a year demonstrating a poignant case of American systemic fractures. President Trump’s estimated cost of the concrete Mexican Wall Border is approximately $10 billion dollars although some estimate the cost to be nearer to $15 to $25 billion. The timetable for the construction and placement of the precast concrete panels alone is estimated at two years.


The Shervin Pishevar tweets are worth consideration and investigation. China built their “Great Wall” over 2000 years ago. Which choice embraces the future: Trump’s suggested concrete wall border that “might” prevent people from illegally entering the United States or a state of the art train system revamping America’s aging transportation infrastructure?

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Louis Chenevert is the Former CEO of UTC

United Technologies Corporation is an industrial conglomerate with its headquarters being in Hartford, Connecticut. It produces jet engines for military and commercial use. UTC also operates Otis, a company that produces elevators and escalators. Sikorsky, another company that it operates, produces helicopters. Climate, Controls and Security is a company that provides refrigerators, heating and air conditioning. There is also a company called Aerospace Systems. This company produces things like brakes, actuators, landing gears, sensors, flight controls and aerostructures. As you can see, United Technologies Corporation is very much involved in various industries.

At United Technologies Corporation, investment for the future is a prime goal. The ways that they invest in the future are numerous and far reaching. One of the ways that they invest for the future is by investing in technology. The Geared Turbofan engine is a jet that reduces noise-prints by 75%, 16% of fuel burn and 50% of emissions.

United Technologies Corporation has also invested by hiring more people. United Technologies Corporation expects to hire about 25,000 new employees within the next three years, as of July 24th, 2017.

Most importantly, what might be of interest to those who work for United Technologies Corporation is the fact that they have an Employee Scholar Program. Within the course of about 21 years, from 1996 to now, employees have earned about 39,000 degrees through the Employee Scholar Program. More than one billion dollars have been spent on this program, and it has been worth every penny.

Louis R. Chenevert is currently the exclusive adviser at Goldman Sachs. He is the former CEO of United Technologies Corporation. He is the Production General Manager at General Motors, as well as the President of Pratt & Whitney Aircraft. Louis R. Chenevert is also in the Board of Directors for Cargill. He received an education from Universite De Montreal.

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Equities First Holdings: Specializing in Stock Based Loans

Equities First Holdings provides stock-based loans and is recognized throughout the world for its universal loaning and multiple financing arrangements. The association has more than 14 years of operation and offers customers with optional financing packages which empowers them to meet their own capital objectives. Equities First Holdings is a worldwide pioneer and finance shareholder having workplaces in London, Bangkok, United States, Hong Kong and Sydney.

EFH headquarters are based in Indianapolis, Indiana and from 2002 the association has controlled more than forty million in resources. New companies require an approach to investigate innovative options, get capital for new business ventures and be able to trade in different financial atmospheres. With EFH, a business can really secure some quick cash without putting unnecessary effort for endorsement.

Equities First Holdings do specialization in stock-based advances. With this kind of credit, there are fewer limitations; hence the cash can be utilized for numerous reasons. With a stock-based credit, a borrower will have the opportunity to pay a greatly lessened fixed interest rate which is 4% or lower. All loans come with some kind of risks; nevertheless, some borrowers can part with the transaction without any commitment.

A business’ stock can be utilized as insurance, giving the entrepreneur the alternative of getting a loan to spend as per their desire. Tragically, with a margin credit, the customer is taken through particular stages to figure out whether they qualify or not. Hence, margin loans are much hard to acquire and may even force borrowers to use their borrowed money for specific projects.

However, with Equities First Holdings, things are different. This association submits to deliver the optimal benefits to their customers with minimal measure of risks; hence the majority of their clients can meet their monetary and individual objectives. The team members behind are trained to the code of trustworthiness and depend on trading firms for guidance.

The Benefits of Investment Banks and Working with Martin Lustgarten

Investment banks are able to offer the best financial services through their proper financial baking structure and plans. The structure of an investment bank can be split into three areas. Each are covers a particular section in banking. Through the three critical areas, investment banks can offer additional banking services. All these services fall under activities similar to banking services. The difference between an investment bank and a regular bank lies in the amount of investments. Investment banks are known to deal with people handling a lot of money and have a high net worth. There are many banking positions in an investment banking firm. One of the most important positions is that of the investment banker. The success of the investment bank lies in the working of the investment banker. He handles all the operations regarding the investment bank.

Martin Lustgarten is an example of an investment banker who works for his company. He found a market gap in the industry at the time of the great recession. During this period, many people found it a big challenge to retire. Through the advice and help of Martin Lustgarten, many people can retire at peace. Martin Lustgarten has created an international investment plan for his clients in different parts of the world. Martin has dual citizenship and is both Venezuelan and an Austrian Citizen. His dual citizenship has been the reason for his success in business. It has enabled him to invest in different countries. The result is that he has reduced the risk of political instability and economic depression that are usually associated with one country.

Martin knows that every investment he undertakes as necessary. He can observe the current market trends and to act just at the right time. He has always considered the future and growth of his company. Many investors come to him for advice on financial markets. He advises several people on investment tips, especially about formulating a proper retirement plan. Martin has maintained several international portfolios. He has used this as a strategy to grow his business and expand his wealth. Martin’s tips have assisted investors to explore several lucrative opportunities in the future.

Madison Street Capital – Up for the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year Award

Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm that has been announced as a finalist for the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards. The award is noticed and held as a high standard in the investment banking industry and it is an honor to be recognized as a finalist. The award is also known to recognize financial firms that exhibit excellence in making deals as well as restructuring finance options. Madison Capital is proud to announce that they have been nominated for both the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year and the Deal of the Year Awards. The CEO of Madison Capital, Charles Botchway, announced that they are pleased to have met the expectations of the award and are proud to be considered.

Madison Capital was responsible for organizing and facilitating the Acquisition of Acuna & Associates S.A. by Dowco. The Senior Managing Director of Madison Capital, Karl D’Cunha was responsible for leading the transaction and they are very pleased to have the opportunity to be in the running for such awards. Madison Capital’s dealmakers work hard around the clock and throughout the world to ensure that the ability to connect with each client is solid and their efforts among the industry continue to grow. Their client success is valuable to them and they continue to work towards their goals in the future. The winners of the award will be announced at the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards Gala on November 9th. The event will take place at the New York Athletic Club.

Madison Street Capital, LLC, is an international investment banking firm that is completely committed to a high level of excellence and integrity. Their leadership services are known to many clienteles as valuable and honored as they deliver the best of corporate financial advisory services. They also take part in offering merger and acquisition expertise, financial options for many and other types of services to public and private businesses. The services that they provide set the client up for future success within their parameters and endeavors. The global marketplace can be hard to distinguish at times, however, Madison Capital and it’s executives work hard to ensure that services, advice and a multitude of professionalism is offered throughout all the different time zones. With each new client, Madison Capital takes each transaction very seriously and the client’s goals and expectation fit seamlessly into the executive team working for Madison Capital. Madison Capital is also very aware of the global market with the top of the line research components and advice; they can ensure that each client is receiving the best services available around the world. The client will immediately know that their business transactions are held in a safe place.

Madison Street Capital’s Antony Marsala Honored by NACVA for His Great Contributions.

Madison Street Capital, an investment banking firm is committed to serving its customers with a lot of diligence, integrity, excellent leadership skills and delivering financial advisories to their clients. These services make them become the leading investment firm in several continents where they are located. These are North America, Asia and Africa. Madison Street Capital established in 2005 and based in Chicago has been able to make tremendous improvements in the investment industry. The firm has earned the trust of clients all over the world through their tireless dedication and having the highest level of professionalism any customer can imagine.

Madison Street Capital has its clientele companies being Central Lowa Energy, LLC, Media Group Inc. and Fiber Science to name just a few. These form the largest part of the Madison Company’s main activity involvement as it offers fairness and various opinion services. It was in 2014 where Pacific Shore Holdings named Madison Street Capital as their exclusive investment banker and this shows the advancement of the company.

The work goes with a reward as one of Madison Street Capital Antony Marsala was recognized by The National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA). Antony Marsala who is among the Company’s co-founder and also the Chief Operating Officer was part of the 40 nominees under the age of 40 years who had been pointed out as having made extraordinary advances in the business valuation, financial forensics, litigation consulting, mergers and acquisitions and expert witness testimony. The report which was authored by The Chicago Tribune, said that the NACVA’S Executive Staff had a hard time delegating the honors since they were overwhelmed by the quality of the candidates which was very high at an almost equal level.

The 4o under forty honorees were chosen from a group of 125 nominees with an aim of giving voice and opportunity to the coming generation by recognizing their contribution in the communities and in the world at large as Brien K. Jones, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President for NACVA and the CTI. The 40 honorees would also be featured in a series of press releases throughout the year of 2015 including The Value Examiner, QuickReadBuzz Blog and NACVA’s Association News.

Mr. Marsala has shown hard work and diligence in his work and his presence in Madison Street Capital has made the company prosper in very many fields and areas and performs all business assessment work for the firm’s Corporate Finance and M&A clients.Mr. Marsala, who is a graduate of Loyola University of Chicago, studied Finance and Information Systems and also holds a Masters Diploma in Strategy from University of Oxford. His education qualifications contributes a great way to making Madison Street Capital a Company with a big name and seeing him being honored by NACVA is so much encouraging of him.

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Wealth Solutions Points of View on Air BnB

While many people have already started to jump into the frenzy that is renting housing temporarily with AirBnb, you have to recall that there are other implications of using a new system. One such implication is the insurance issue in general, and even though you may not give it much thought it could still have major financial ramifications if you don’t plan ahead.

When it actually comes to planning ahead it is extremely important to not only think through the long term, but also double check your immediate facts as well. Someone like Richard Blair has almost built his career on having common sense and double checking of facts mixed in together with specific financial advice. For the cases involving insurance or legal advice, you just need to take the time and use logic to think through the scenario.

The biggest thing that homeowners need to fear when using Airbnb is the fact that personal homeowners insurance typically only covers personal actions. In other words, the moment you start to do something for profit you are considered a business, and then your personal insurance might not cover any potential claims or losses. If you consider the potential ramifications of renting out your home for a few extra bucks, but you also consider how much extra it could potential cost you in damage, theft, or even worse, then you can see why this is a very risky situation in the long run.

Insurance is a very risky item simply because an insurance company only wants to take on the risks that they know and understand. Keep in mind that when you pay a premium for insurance, you are technically selling off your risk and the insurance company is bearing it all. The key is when the insurance company can’t adequately rate and underwrite the risks that they are buying then they might over or undercharge for the insurance policy. It is in that scenario that the entire situation gets a bit dicey.

When it comes to something like Airbnb there is absolutely a significant amount of opportunity for anyone to be able to make some cash. However, when Richard Blair points out some top financial information, it might be time to listen. Just because individuals have a great idea in general or in theory doesn’t mean it will make sense in practice. That is exactly the reason the people have been turning to Richard Blair for financial (and critical thinking) assistance.

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Madison Street Capital Growth Due to CEO Charles Botchway

Madison Street Capital is a leading international investment bank that provides a number of different services to its clients. The company is well known for providing customers and clients with the potential to receive a high return on investment while also receiving sound investment advice and consulting services. Madison Street Capital has a number of different services that they focus on including corporate advisory, mergers and acquisitions, business valuation, and financial reporting.

The company has been a part of many significant transactions that have take part across the world. Some of the industries that the company has helped to serve and support have included healthcare, finance, real estate, athletics and other retail, and investment management. As their role as advisory, Madison Street Capital has helped to ensure that the clients end up making a sound investment or structural decision, which will ultimately help to maximize shareholder and stakeholder value.

Madison Street Capital today is considered one of the leaders in the financial consulting and investment banking industry. Much of their success is attributed to Charles Botchway, who is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Madison Street Capital. In his current role as the CEO, Botchway continues to be very hands-on with the organization. He manages the company’s overall strategic direction and acts as a sounding board for new concepts that are brought to the attention of the company.

Prior to starting Madison Street Capital, Botchway had a very lengthy and successful career. He was the co-CEO and Chairman of Houlihan Smith & Co, another investment banking and consulting firm. This role he was involved in developing the overall strategic direction for the firm. Prior to working for Houlihan he was involved in the development and growth of an investment-banking subsidiary of a middle market consulting firm and also worked in a variety of positions in the private equity and investment banking industry.

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