Libraries Have A Job Helping People Get A Job

New Jersey has implemented a new service for their local libraries, and it may be the most lucrative thing yet, to come your way. In an article that was published on Press of Atlantic City in the area such as Ocean City Free Public Library and The Atlantic City Free Public Library are making a movement to assist their patrons in preparing for and finding jobs. These libraries are offering their services at no cost to their patrons. Classes on how to use software that would be required as one of today’s employment prerequisites like QuickBooks and Microsoft Excel, are among the topics addressed.

The libraries feel that because of today’s technological advancements many individuals have been left behind because they’ve spent so much time in one field of their occupation and never had to learn any of the newer technology in order to thrive in today’s working environment. One library has even assisted with making sure individuals understand the need for social media, Internet marketing, the use of email, and how to apply for jobs online. Classes can range from advanced, intermediate, and novice.

These classes have provided a great service to the community and are seated at a “first come, first served” basis and fill up quite quickly. The libraries state that as technology advances they are trying to keep up with the software and skills that are in demand in today’s job market.

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