George Soros: The Crusader For Open And Free Society

Ohio governor John Kasich received 488, 375 US dollars to fund his campaign for the presidency of the United States. Kasich is considered by many as considerate and reasonable as opposed to most of his competitors such as Donald Trump. John Kasich through his pool contribution committee (PAC) dubbed “New Day for America” received the said amount of money from Scott Bessent and Stanley Drunckenmiller who are the financial managers of George Soros fund.
Previously Forbes reported George Soros had donated millions of dollars in founding and funding various far left organizations such as and ACORN. He has also donated to various congregational aspirants campaign kitty. Hillary is the latest benefactor receiving 8 million dollars worth of donations via her PAC team. George said on  he is a firm believer in open society without restrictions and reaffirmed his believes by opposing candidates that were hell bent on creating border security. George stated that efforts should be made to oppose the stand of hardliners such as Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. The original article was published in the Political Insider and the original version can be found at

George Soros is a well known financial investor, philanthropist and writer. When one is talking about financial success George’s nybooks story should be deeply embedded in it. Born in Budapest, Hungary he was subject to Nazi Germany discrimination against Jewish descendants. He survived the Holocaust and the Battle of Budapest by pure wit and creativity. Having lost everything as a young boy he immigrated to Britain where he pursued his education. He worked various jobs to support himself before receiving aid for his studies. Later he graduated from the London School of Economics with bachelors in science. Working various jobs worked as an eye opener and made him realize he had a knack for investing he applied to various banks and was awarded with a job at Singer & Friedlander.

George has worked over 50 years in the investment sector. After his first job he worked hard and rose through the ranks until he founded Soros Fund Management in 1970. The fund has survived the harsh years and developed into one of the biggest hedge fund investment firms. He is the founder and manager of Soros Fund Management, Open Society Foundation and Quantum fund.

His experience in the hands of the Nazi made him realize the importance of a free society and removal of restrictions to movement. He has firsthand experience on the effects of restricting people and discrimination. Some people might view his inclination to free society as suspicious and sinister but they don’t have an idea of the effect of closing borders and the resulting consequences of discrimination that follow. He has made it his business to ensure that those who aspire to curtail freedom do not get the opportunity to do so. Over the years he has used his vast resources to ensure freedom trumps and has founded various organizations to advocate for the same. He funded black students to attain education in apartheid South Africa and he vocally opposed the Iron Curtain during the peak of the cold war.