I Enjoyed Using FreedomPop Services When I Traveled Europe

I can only speak for myself when it comes to FreedomPop, but I’ve had such a great experience with the company that I have no problem in telling others about my experience. I recently came from a European vacation that took me to many different countries, and the only problem that I had was how to make phone calls to contact my family when I was in those countries. I was previously with a large phone company that was going to charge humongous roaming fees if I used my cell phone in another country, and that’s why I switched to FreedomPop.

I found in a FreedomPop review that there is an international sim card that is offered by FreedomPop that allows me to have free roaming in 25 different countries. FreedomPop claims that they will have 40 different countries added to the roster by the end of 2016, but I still got the most out of using the sim card. I went to the Czech Republic, the UK, Germany, Spain, Finland, Hungary, Norway, and Denmark, and in every single one of those countries I was able to use my smartphone with the FreedomPop sim card.

I made tons of international calls and even was able to get data on the phone when I needed it. I didn’t pay any extra money for using my phone overseas because it’s meant to be used in international destinations and simply toggles between the different cell phone service providers in these different countries. The fact that the sim card is made to allow me to roam means that I will never have to pay five dollars a minute for phone calls like I used to with a certain carrier in the past. Using FreedomPop on the go while I’m traveling was the best idea ever.

I also love that I was able to get my GPS to work while I was in other countries, which is an amazing benefit when you’re someone from a different country that doesn’t know the area you’re in. There was not one place that I went to where I was not able to call family members or friends. I even made local calls to places in the different countries I went to, to order food. I’ve never been so impressed with a cell phone company, and that’s why I’ve chosen to make FreedomPop my one and only cell phone service provider.

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Freedom Pop is Funded for Worldwide Expansion

FreedomPop founded in 2011 runs on cellular service provided by Sprint, has over the past year managed to get tens of millions of dollars in VC funding. This has enabled the company to expand both domestic and international. With the cash flow, it has allowed the company to run independently following rumors last year of a potential acquisition.

In an interview between RCR wireless News and Stephen Stokols, CEO and co-founder of the mobile virtual network operator, he provided insight into the company’s model and was confident with its ability to compete in a very competitive market and have more plans for expansion in the future.

Those who sign up with FreedomPop will automatically get 500MB of data free to users in addition to 200 voice minutes. No contracts to be signed unlike other mobile carriers, this gives you the option of cancelling the service without any penalty fees. There is also free international calling, which is a bonus if you have family or friends overseas.
For texts that are sent or receive to over 50 different countries over wi-fi is all free and rates for calls are discounted for country-specific. Super cheap plans are available for those who want more for less than the going rate; their plan options range anywhere from 2GB up to 10GB.

When going through the signup process you are offered many upsells and extras beyond the base free plan. Though the extras could range between $5-$10 and you will still be saving a TON over your previous carrier.

FreedomPop is definitely one of the straightforward companies out there. It is the only carrier out there that offers completely free talk, text, and data service with no contract whatsoever and it also comes with the 4G speeds that FreedomPop subscribers get with these plans is phenomenal.

Originally reported at RCRWirelessNews