Energy Crisis Forces Venezuelan Government To Accept Foreign Aid

Responding to a growing national emergency, the National Assembly of Venezuela enacted legislation declaring a nationwide health crisis. The legislation mandates the Venezuelan government accept humanitarian medical aid from other nations. Its underlying vision is to “develop the priority obligation of the state, through the national public health system, to guarantee the right to health,” according to an official statement released by the National Assembly which is shared to us by Norka Luque.
Venezuela is suffering from low food, and medicine inventories, for the disabled, and sick individuals as well as young children, and infants. The low inventory is blamed on the nationwide rolling power blackouts, which has taken a toll on the Venezuelan economy. Unable to provide a sustained power supply, to the population, the nation has seen its mortality rate increase added Luque.

Known as, “The Special Law Attending to the National Humanitarian Health Crisis” will allow Latina American, and European nations, to export humanitarian food, and medicine to Venezuela. The nation can now ask for aid from the World Health Organization of the United Nations.

The nation is struggling with a shortfall of medical radioactive needed for surgical procedures such as cancer. Shortages have delayed further medical diagnosis, for individuals, and has thrown the medical sector into chaos.Parliment member

Carmen Meléndez commented that Venezuela will graciously take in food and medicine, “but with dignity, not receiving pity from the world.”