Greg Aziz Contribution in the Manufacturing World

With over ten decades of excellence in the manufacturing and engineering field, National Steel Car has a long-term reputation as the leading steel manufacturer in North America. Greg Aziz is the chairman and president of the company. Since the introduction of machinery, National Steel Car has had its fair share in the company’s history through manufacturing. National Steel Car majorly focuses on challenging themselves and persistently improves on the available upgrades.


Founded in 1912, National Steel Car has surpassed the expectations of its investors. For a long time, the company has continued to perform well with increasing growth every year. The company began manufacturing just as any other Canadian company that specialized on rolling stock manufacture. However, in the following year the company received an all-time rolling stock order that surprised majority of its investors. The order was timely since it boosted the company’s humble beginnings and improved its morale.


The company’s products majorly include the manufacture of any vehicle that uses railway to move on. Business boomed in the first few years before gradually falling out of orders in the year 1930’s. Its depreciation was mainly due to the fall of orders, which recently led to its sale to Hamilton Corporation National Industries Inc, a company owned by Gregory James Aziz. By the year 2000, James Aziz had significantly increased the workforce to a record of 3000 employees and a production capacity of 12500 railcars annually. Learn More Here.


About Greg Aziz


Gregory J Aziz is the current chairman, CEO, and President of National Steel Car. Born in London April 30, 1949, the CEO has dedicated himself to not only improve the mode of transport, but also improve the livelihood of others by offering thousands of jobs.


After working on several investments banking in New York, Greg organized and acquired ownership of National Steel Car in the year 1994. The company is committed to the Hamilton community by its involvement in the different programs such as the Aquarius Theatre, United Way, the Salvation Army, and other local charity organizations. Greg’s love to help the needy has made him famous in the Hamilton community. This fame has made Greg vow to provide more jobs to his community. Indeed, Greg promised a minimum of 1,500 jobs with a pay of $ 20 dollars per hour. Together with his wife Irene, they joined together to sponsor Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, which is Canada’s most famous agricultural fair.




Bob Reina: Eye on the Future

In today’s business world, you have to think one step ahead of your competition and one step ahead of even yourself. It is called having your pulse on the market and knowing what is around the corner. You have to know it’s a great idea or a great company, even if others don’t see it yet. You feel it, you know it, and you believe in it. That is what is important. That has always been the case with Bob Reina, especially when we are talking about Talk Fusion, which he is incredibly proud of, and, quite frankly, he should be, as it is a product that has really changed the business landscape.

It is a product that helps businesses with video conferences, video emails, but most of all, it is about making your dreams come true. Nobody wants to work a desk 9-5 job where they don’t get to live out their dreams and they come home, exhausted and worn out. They don’t want to have to deal with a boss that yells at them and they have all of this pressure that is really getting to them. They want to start their business and be their boss. With Talk Fusion, that is possible. Nowadays, you can make a true living on the Internet and with all of the technology out there, it is easier than ever.


Talk Fusion is giving you the tools to send out video emails to numerous people. You can consider those pitches and selling points to get them interested in your company. You can video conference with other people and have a pitch as well. If you have the idea, the willpower, and the hard work and you are not afraid to take some risks that will turn into rewards, Talk Fusion is the company for you. Bob Reina knows all about this and he wants to help as many people as possible live out their dreams and have each and every day be a day where they wake up happy, ready to tackle whatever is on the docket. Bob Reina is a true dream maker.

3 Reasons Shared Office Space Is So Effective


Shared office space, also referred to as coworking space, is completely changing the way people work. Studies show that people who work in these environments tend to thrive far more than those who work in traditional environments.

So what is it that makes shared office space so effective? After interviewing several individuals who have founded coworking spaces, the Harvard Business Review found there were 3 very compelling reasons shared office space is so effective. Here they are.

Reason #1 – People Using Coworking Spaces View Their Work As Meaningful

The majority of people using coworking spaces are freelancers. This means members are working on a variety of different projects for a variety of different companies.

There is no competition and everyone is free to be who they truly are. This brings a new level of meaningfulness to the projects they are working on.

Reason #2 – They Have More Control Over When They Work

Generally speaking coworking spaces are accessible 24 hours a day. This gives you the freedom to come and go as you please. And while individuals love the autonomy, they also love the structure they get from working in this type of environment. It helps them stay productive and avoid wasting time.

Reason #3 – They Feel Like They Are Part of A Community

Coworking spaces provide connections with others that you can’t get when you work from home or rent a private space. Each coworking space is different and has its own vibe.

The managers do a great job of cultivating the type of environment that best suits their members.

About Workville NYC

Workville NYC provides shared office space with a blend of luxury. These Manhattan offices for rent are in the perfect location– only a few steps from Times Square and major transportation hubs.

The environment at Workville NYC is friendly, flexible and inspiring. They offer open desks, shared offices and move in ready offices. Members also have access to 3 terraces, a cafe, a lounge area, high speed internet and so much more.

If you want to work around other talented start ups and small businesses on the rise, you will love Workville NYC.

To learn more about Workville NYC visit them online at

Fabletics And The Ascent Of Activewear

Recently acclaimed actress Kate Hudson sat down with Marie Claire Magazine to discuss Fabletics, the clothing company she co-founded, and it’s new line of athletic leisure dresses set to debut on the first of April. Female fashion enthusiasts have been thrilled by her brand of casual yet classy clothing appear thrilled for the latest Fabletics has to offer, that included swimsuits designed to suit superior performance, comfort, and support.

In the interview, she discusses the design, crafted for pro-active women who enjoy casual clothing that you can relax in without being restricted. Hudson is looking to establish a brand that is affordable and high-quality. It’s clear her target audience are health conscious athletic women looking for designer gear they can wear to the gym, to the beach, or on a date, all while still feeling comfortable and draped in good looking, well-crafted, all-purpose threads.

She wants clothes to be available to women that is both flattering and functional. The article expounds on Fabletic new line, on the Tropez dresses with built-in bras and stylish swimsuits crafted to suit activities like yoga on the beach. Despite the functional impetus behind aspects of this line, the article assures that like previous designs, Fabletics is yet again demonstrating itself as a brand offering sportswear for women with definite style, it’s femininity firmly intact. Additionally, the Marie Claire Magazine article highlights how Hudson is determined to provide an affordable line that can pass as high fashion, and it certainly appears she is doing it.
Fabletics was co-founded by superstar Kate Hudson, who, inspired to encourage women to live healthy lifestyles introduced a clothing brand that is striking, luxurious activewear. It should be inspiring to anyone to see such artful innovation in practice. Fabletics is fashion born out of pure positivity. Refreshing is one word for Fabletics. The brand exhibits performance based craftsmanship with striking aesthetic flair, an irresistible blend of class and comfort for today’s women. More information is available on the Fabletics main webpage.

Fabletics emerged after co-founder Kate Hudson joined forces with Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, who serve as the brand’s co-CEO’s. In 2013, they decided to fill a hole in the market, and offer people affordable performance-based clothing. This unstoppable trifecta of innovators have achieved a number of things, and reached people across the world.

Now Kate Hudson is known not only for her excellent acting but for a her new, rather groundbreaking work in women’s fashion. Fabletics has spread across the world and women have responded with praise for the conscious clothing line with flair to spare, and appears set to take the world of women’s fashion by storm, while popularizing activewear as a new wave of groundbreaking fashion.

Jon Urbana’s Educational Pursuits Never End

Jon Urbana really does enjoy photography. His choices in subject matter do vary. The most common choice in those photos is food. No, the images do not look like advertisements in a magazine. The display of food and beverages is almost always interesting, original, and very artistic. In a way, the “food photos” border on pop art, and that is a good thing.

Photography with a bent towards food is made even more interesting after looking closer at Jon Urbana’s background. Urbana is most well known for his previous career as a professional lacrosse player. Prior to being a standout on the pro field, Urbana was a top player at Villanova University.

At the university, Urbana acquired a degree that helped develop his knowledge of business. Jon Urbana was able to combine his skills in lacrosse and business to form the Jon Urbana Next Level Lacrosse Camp. At the camp, Urbana is working hard at training the next generation of lacrosse stars.

Jon Urbana is clearly a very active person who has numerous varied interests. Those who want to learn a little more about the interests and pursuits of Jon Urbana may wish to check out his various social media platforms. Twitter user @jonurbana1, in particular, is always filled with updates on things that capture Urbana’s eye. Articles, videos, images, links to his blog posts, and more are all linked and highlighted on the Twitter page.

And saying Jon Urbana’s life is an active one is no exaggeration. He is also a highly certified pilot, and his skills have been acknowledged by the FAA. Truly, Jon Urbana is an inspiring figure.

Russia Issues Ultimatum to George Soros’ Charities.



The Open Society Foundations around the world have opened this year on a sad note following the destruction of one of their projects in Russia. What makes matters worse is the fact that the heinous acts were perpetrated by government officials in the region.


Just a few days ago, Russian Media reported of an ongoing operation in the Northern Komi area targeting beneficiaries of Soros-funded projects. At a local college, a bundle of books in the library was set on fire. Officials also took with them multiple dozens of other textbooks. The books contained topics on the Renewal of Humanitarian Education and other subjects on governance that the government claimed contrary to its education system.


This hunt follows the official ban and blacklisting of two active foundations in the same area. Authorities feared the spread of ideological inclinations contrary to those of the regime. Some sources had earlier accused Soros and his organizations of providing ideologies that contradict the constitutional dispensation as well as the Federation’s tenets.


Following the accusations, a ban had been imposed on the groups. The Open Society Foundation, as well as the Open Society Institute, has operated in Russia and Ukraine ever since the fall communism. They were brought in to assist the torn communities heal and transition from the defunct social organization. Since then, they have facilitated social integration and exchange of cultural ideas with other communities in western countries.


George Soros has become a social entrepreneur and philanthropist since retiring from active management of his Soros Hedge Fund. George Soros seems to be under fire from various quarters. In his homeland, Hungary, politicians accused Soros of aiding illegal migrations of refugees who needed access to healthcare, education and housing. Neither George Soros nor any of his representatives has issued comments on these attacks on Open Society Foundations.


In other news, Soros is likely to continue doing his noble work. He has invested many years of his career and billions of dollars in making the world a better place. His philanthropy spreads beyond the United States to Europe, Asia, and Africa. If he ever gave up in life, then he would never have achieved such monumental success. The Open Society Foundations foster for an inclusive and transparent society where every life matters.


Concerning, the controversial shutdown in Russia, we can expect George to respond in a manner that justifies the behavior of an open society.

Kevin Seawright’s Community Opportunities

A recent article outlined that there have been many opportunities that Kevin Seawright has taken place in to help communities become better places, most of them also detailed by LinkedIn. He has worked with several communities and the leaders who run the areas to ensure that the people of the community are able to become better at what they do and that the community is able to be improved in many different ways. The people of these communities have been helped in the way of jobs, education and even housing. This has been a major help to the communities he has worked with and has allowed the people to become better in their lives and improve the quality of life that they have within the community.

CrunchBase shows that the first community that he was able to help was in Philadelphia. This was a community where he was able to increase the job and education opportunities. He has been able to improve the life there and this was the first part of his career. This was not the first time that he dealt with finances, although it was the first time he dealt with communities. He was submerged in finances by his parents at the age of 12 which helped him throughout his education and they time that he has had in his career. He hopes that his parent’s influence on his life have been able to help him have an influence on his 12 year old daughter’s life.

After he had worked in Philadelphia, he took an opportunity with a governmental agency. This agency functioned essentially the same as the other he worked for in Philadelphia, but it was different in that he could not do as much as what he was able to do in a private sector. While he was able to help the people of Baltimore with this agency, he left for a different opportunity with a private company in Newark. This allowed him the opportunity to increase what he was able to do for communities and gave him the chance to work again for a private sector in the field that he enjoyed doing.

The latest private sector venture that Kevin Seawright has taken on is the Newark CEDC. It is close to his hometown and it is somewhere that he feels he can make a difference. The company aims to make communities better and has made it a more enjoyable place for them to live. This is something that has been easy for him and he has given people many opportunities. Since he knows that education is so important, he has worked to ensure that the people in the community have access to education. He is a supporter of both formal and online types of education for people who need it, and remains outspoken about that on Twitter.