How Sam Tabar Mixes Philanthropy And Profit

When Giving Back Pays Back

The mission of Sam Tabar is a very unique one. He’s an investment manage who wants to do more than make some money. He seeks to support new solutions to the problems affecting us today through investing in business startups confronting environmental issues. The right ideas and plans to combat global disasters are already out there, but without the financial support investors like Tabar provide they may not survive long enough to reach their potential. The relationship is one of symbiosis between Tabar and these ventures. He sees a return on his investments and the world sees the free market solve our problems.

Investing In Our Future

Full Cycle Fund has given the position of Chief Operations Officer to investment fund manager Sam Tabar. The alternative energy investment fund will assign Tabar the responsibility of managing the various investments the firm brings out. The Full Cycle Fund combines profit and progress on environmental impact to improve the human condition. As any leading businessman of his understanding thinks Tabar sees the potential of the growing alternative energy markets. In the coming decades the oil and coal industries will experience a sort of phase out at some point. The investors who play a role in the growth of these new industries will dominate them.

The Advantage He Gives His Clients

The clientele of Tabar are well served. His many years of experience in the investment world allow him to give clients sould wisdom even in the most uncertain times. For investors looking for socially conscious investment strategies his management is precisely what is needed. There are investors who can help their clients see returns and there are philanthropy projects for those interested in them. There are few who can offer the combination Sam Tabar can.

What I Learned About Dick DeVos and His Foundation Activity

Dick DeVos is a successful businessman, but I also discovered in researching him that he is quite charitable. DeVos is known for starting and assisting numerous charitable foundations and projects in which there are several grantees including:

  • The Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation
  • Kids Hope USA
  • Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital
  • West Michigan Aviation Academy
  • Regional Air Alliance of West Michigan
  • Mars Hill Bible Church
  • Potter’s House
  • Grand Rapids Christian Schools
  • Thunderbird School of Global Management
  • Willow Creek Association
  • Art Prize Grand Rapids
  • Education Freedom Fund
  • Hugh Michael Beehan Foundation


There are still many more. I also learned in my reading and research that DeVos has been listed as the 67th richest person in the world. Although he is listed as 67, it’s a big deal. The support shown to the community, schools, and the arts are all important projects for Dick DeVos. While considered wealthy, it seems that DeVos has not taken any of it for granted. Visit the site to know more about Dick DeVos.


I’ve always been of the mind that it’s appropriate to share the wealth and that there is always an opportunity to do more and be more. When he gave more than $22 million to the Kennedy Arts Center in 2010, it was an eye opener for the center that there are still plenty of individuals that are willing to make financial contributions as a result of their success in business.


Free market economics is also a big deal for DeVos, in that he teaches it, believes in it, and he also financially supports others that are teaching this concept as well. I’ve read about multiple scholarships and other programs that the DeVos family has championed in their home state of Michigan. This is great news for those who plan to enter into business school and are seeking real life examples of how the wealthy should live and be an example to others.


You don’t have to look very far to see that Dick DeVos is wealthy both in his personal life, business life and in his spiritual life.


Dick Devos’ Political History

Many people are aware of the long and effective work history that belongs to billionaire philanthropist Dick Devos. DeVos is known primarily for his successful leadership of the multi-level marketing company, Amway. Amway was started by Dick DeVos Sr. and later passed on to Dick DeVos Jr. Although he did not originally found the company, Dick DeVos was extremely instrumental in developing Amway into a internationally recognized brand. The businessman gained a large amount of fame through his successful development of Amway, but Devos worked equally as hard in his political career. Dick DeVos began his career in politics in the late 1980s and has continued to be extremely active in the political arena for several decades.

Dick Devos began his political career by entering the race for the Michigan State Board of Education. In future years, the educational sector of the political arena would prove to be an area to which Devos and his family were extremely devoted. Devos launched a successful campaign for a membership to the Michigan State Board of Education and was elected the position after the election in 1990. Although Devos was extremely passionate about the educational development in the state of Michigan, the businessman was forced to resign from the position two years after being elected to the board. He stated that his resignation was the result of his increased responsibilities as the new chief executive officer at Amway. Five years later, when the businessman had become more settled in his responsibilities with his company, Dick Devos returned to his position on the Michigan educational school board.

After several years of serving his community faithfully on the state educational board, Devos decided to expand his political ambitions. Both Dick Devos and his wife Betsy had an extreme passion for the proper education of students in the United States. This passional led the couple to found the Educational Freedom Fund, an organization that provided funds to underprivileged children to attend private schools. The Devos family felt that the public educational system in Michigan was severely under equipped and decided to devote their political careers to the ratification of this injustice. After creating the Educational Freedom Fund in the early 1990s, Devos made his largest political move to date and entered the 2006 Michigan Gubernatorial race. The businessman felt that he could contribute a great deal of expertise and skill to the state he loved. Though Devos lost the race, he continues to be active in the political arena.