Securus Corrects Inaccuracies in Global Tel Link’s (GTL) Press Release

Securus Technologies is a standout amongst the most proficient suppliers of criminal & civil justice innovation solutions within the United States. The organization, through their main goal, has worked to enhance public safety, investigations and monitoring. As indicated by a current medicinal release, the organization has issued various redresses to GTL in a public statement.

As indicated by the organization, GTL has official statements which are misleading and inaccurate, consequently, Securus Technologies working to get them corrected in the right strategy. Since Securus discovered these statements plainly deceptive to the public, they have looked to have the issues redressed in the most appropriate way. The primary objective for the released press release is to have the organization revise cost of their deceptive statements.

GTL knows about the way that the court procedures are exceptionally long. Actually, the legitimate methodology will end up devouring of dollars. In addition, it may take numerous years to have the court case decided. Thus, the Securus does everything possible to scrutinize the validity of the organization to deal with the lawful issues influencing the organization in the most ideal ways. With regards to the best benefits of the organization, Securus is stressed over the choice the organization has made over the case in the event that it has any sense concerning time and cash. As a result of good monetary practices, the organization is especially eager to drop the court case and take after the best lawful strategies to have their cases dropped.

Richard A. Smith, while responding to the official statement issued by GTL, said that he would be glad to notice that the organization works to reinstitute their innovation concerning their GTL heat off test toward towards the ending of the season. However, it is great that the Securus organization is working towards sustainability in ensuring that the predicaments are handled in a credible manner.


Securus Video Visitation Program Keeps Families Together

I had a chance to watch a promotional video about an inmate making a video call to their child. The video was made during the Christmas holiday. Through the video, I discovered how the video visitation program has kept families together. In one video call, a child was talking to his father in a correction facility. The boy went ahead to open up a Christmas gift as his father watched. The video visitation program is incredibly creative. It was similar to the father being there for his son.


Securus video visitation is a highly outstanding service. Inmates have especially benefited from the service as they can keep in touch with their families. While inmates still maintain their prison time, it does not mean that they cannot spend time with their family. Keeping prisoners with family keeps prisoners from returning to jail. I think that the video visitation program is a leap from traditional communication. The previous communication system only made use of a payphone that was similar to a slot machine. The calling rates at those times were also extremely high. The new video visitation program has made it possible for inmates to communicate flawlessly.


Loved ones can communicate with their incarcerated family member right from their homes. This is real progress. I believe that the progress is excellent for inmates that have elderly parents and small children. These groups have a high need for love and constant communication. Spending time with family is important in such occasions. It is one of the most joyous moments in anyone’s life.


During the holiday, one gets to show their family members that they care. If you are a convict, it is an entirely different matter. You never get to be with your friends during such occasions. The disadvantage saw Securus Technologies introduce a new video visitation. Everyone wants to enjoy Christmas together, so it is only fair to add the celebration to friends and family in correction facilities. The video call makes a big difference. The video visitation is a lot better than not physically showing up.


The new video visitation system allows inmates to have a great family moment. Before the amazing technology, people had to make long trips to visit their loved ones. The whole process was tedious considering the amount of time spent in queues. What made it worse was the few minutes one spent in the communication process. The video visitation communication program has taken advantage of the perfect online system. Both sides can have a happy relationship and enjoy a special moment together.