An Amazing Year in New York City Real Estate

New York City is one of the world’s most important cities. This American city is the largest city in the country and a center for art, finance and commerce of all kinds. It is no surprise that people want to live here. What perhaps surprised those watching the market and those preparing to buy here was just how much people are willing to pay to do so. In an article for the New York Times, the paper recounts many of the year’s most astonishing real estate deals including those that have involved sky high real estate prices that shocked and delighted many observers.

As the paper points out, multi-million dollar deals are not uncommon in the region. A large apartment that the late Joan Rivers owned was spread out across three floors. The apartment went on sale after her death and was quickly snapped up by a buyer in search of a large space with the kind of details that might impress anyone including fireplaces and multiple balconies. Other notable deals of the previous year in real estate included a fabulous updated and elegant townhouse that is owned by Sarah Jessica Parker, a deal that exchanged hands for over eighteen million.

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