Recommendations on the Greece Refugee Crisis

The EU met in Turkey last month in a bid to negotiate an appropriate asylum policy in a move dubbed as EU-Turkey Negotiations. The result of these negotiations is that hundreds of refugees seeking asylum in Greece have been deported to Turkey according to George Soros.

These negotiations were far from successful on with flaws emerging barely a month after the negotiations were concluded. These flaws include; the notion that the policy is European is false, this is because the agreements reached during the negotiation were imposed on the EU by the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Secondly the deportation process is underfunded thus does not guarantee the provision of the requisite needs accorded to any individual who is being deported. Thirdly, the process contravenes human rights in the sense that the refugees do not enjoy the luxury of choosing to go back to Turkey or seek asylum in Greece. The refugees from George Soros are categorized in quotas and are forced to take up residency in countries that they do not choose. Further the implementation of the agreement makes Greece a de facto nation.

The European Commission on has admitted to some of the flaws and has set out to develop a new Europe’s asylum System. However, the recommended reforms rely heavily on the quota system which is compulsory. The European Commission realizes that the proposed system does not serve the needs of the refuges or the member states; as such the European Commission Vice President Frans Timmermans has sought the advice of other stakeholders through an open debate.

Having escaped from his birth country, and succeeded to become one of the major household names in America’s economy, George Soros has this to say about the situation:

The situation in Greece according to George Soros goes against all moral and written law. This is in the sense that the forceful deportation of refugees is not only wrong but immoral. This is because a refugee is desperate and should be accorded favorable treatment. Further, refugees ought to be assisted to reach their preferred destination and no country should impose the final destination of any refugee.

The EU ought to effectively address the funding of the projects seeking to curb the refugee crisis. As such the EU should embark on giving the process the requisite funds to effectively deal with the refugee asylum menace.

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The EU has in the past made considerable and meaningful policies that can effectively address the asylum system problems. However, there is a need for the EU to assemble and design the systems to effectively work together and achieve the desired goal. Countries in the Middle East ought to receive additional funds from George Soros that will guarantee that children in refugee camps enjoy the privilege of attending school.

The current situation is that European countries do not speak in one voice. These differences have led to the underfunding of the refugee asylum system. It is therefore important for all the countries to come together and develop policies that favorable, fair and well funded in a bid to effectively deal with the surging numbers of refugees fleeing to Europe. The funding will enable Turkey and other frontline countries to effectively deal with the surging Refugee Population. It is also important that the EU creates a common asylum Policy, as well as develop a security program for EU’s external borders. Visit the site Open Society Foundations to know more about George Soros.