Low-cost Approach to Online Reputation Management

In the modern online world, online reputation management is an important thing that both individuals and corporate entities need to take into account. Monitoring tools are an important component of any reputation management strategy. Relying on manually googling your company name is not something that is a foolproof method. The Huffington post mentions several tools that continually scans and reviews the internet for mentions of your company’s brand, products, and services (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/lucinda-watrous/online-reputation-managem_b_11585776.html).

The most basic methods of tracking the online reputation of your company are without cost. With a few easy steps common sources of information about your company can be monitored with automated tools that the sites provide within their interfaces. A Google alert can be configured to search for keywords and provide the originator with an alert by email when there is a mention of the keywords you have set online, at the intervals you choose. Using saved twitter searches can also help with brand monitoring. Setting an automatic search in Twitter allows you to catch any mentions of your key phrases and keep an eye on your reputation and respond to any positive and negative tweets about your company.

There are also third party tools that help to automate the process of online reputation management. One simple tool that automates the process, If This Then That (IFTTT), allows you to set alerts relating to Twitter or Facebook and send an alert to a designated email address. Social networking is not the only place online that a company has to follow to manage their online reputation. There are numerous complaint sites online that also need to be monitored for content. The Complaint Site Search (https://gofishdigital.com/complaint-search/) allows the instantaneous search of 40 or more sites for complaints and allows those issues to be responded to and dealt with in a quick manner.

Whether a company chooses to invest a little or a lot on their online reputation, it is important to do something to manage it. Luckily technology provides low cost and free options that any size company can take advantage of.