Securus Committed To Honesty, Transparency And Integrity

Studies continue to show that when you allow prisoners to freely communicate with their loved ones, they are much less likely to commit another crime when released. The rate at which prisoners re-offend after being released is called the recidivism rate. It should be the goal of everyone working in the criminal justice industry to reduce recidivism.


But you may not know that private companies are allowed to run parts of public prisons. Take the telephones hanging on the wall. Those phones are services by third party telecommunications companies. These companies secure exclusive contracts to service those telephones which excludes any competition. And with a customer base literally locked up, that could potentially allow a company to abuse its position of power.


But that is not the case with a telecommunications company called Securus. Securus Technologies is one of the largest providers of telecommunications services to the criminal justice industry throughout the country. In fact, the company services some 1.2 million inmates in nearly all 50 states.


So it should make you feel good that the better Business Bureau recently gave Securus an A+ for customer satisfaction. The prison telephone company has expanded its customer services through a 220-seat call center. The call center is amazingly productive, answering calls within 11 seconds on average and resolving any issues on the first call over 99% of the time.


Securus has even gone through the pain of getting accredited by the BBB. The BBB continually monitors companies that volunteer and pay for the privilege of accreditation. They score the company on honesty, trustworthiness, transparency, a commitment to privacy and integrity. Securus scored high marks in each category and has received the honor. I believe that more companies should behave like Securus by treating people, even prisoners, with the utmost respect and dignity.


Higher Standards for Prison Communications from Securus Technologies and the Louisiana Public Service Commission

The Louisiana Public Service Commission is not taking the argument that time heals old wounds as an excuse when it comes to Global Tel Link and has brought an investigation from 1998 back to light. This is a positive stream in the media around prison these days, and shows that people are taking a step forward to make it safer, less costly, and more effective for the communities and people they serve.

Securus Technologies is bringing back this investigation as it’s focus is providing civil and criminal justice technology solutions for public safety, investigation, corrections and monitoring these technologies. Securus was recently accredited through the Better Business Bureau receiving a rating of A+. You can find more information about Securus and it’s accreditation through this link: Securus received Accreditation from BBB  . Though the case was originally from 1998, continued wrong doings have cause Securus to review through a series of press conferences over the next six months the liability of GTL and hold them to a higher standard. I believe that this higher standard will allow tax payers money to be used effectively rather than being used to pad GTL’s pockets through double charging for calls, lengthening calls after the fact, and adding on additional features once calls have ended. With all the recent talk about the prison system, the costs there of, and the effectiveness – it is nice to see some positive action that focuses on the standards of these systems from the tax payers perspective. I am curious to see what the next six months of press releases come up with in regards to GTL and what the ultimate standards they are held to. It would be a precedent for all other prison communication companies to follow as we move forward to improving the criminal justice system.