Talk Fusion Continues Philanthropic Endeavors

Talk Fusion launched back in 2007 as a means for CEO Bob Reina to find new ways to connect businesses with customers and potential new clients. Reina’s Talk Fusion has seen a meteoric rise in popularity over the past few years and CEO Reina hasn’t let the opportunity pass hi by to spread his success to places that need it. Reina likes to say that, “with great success comes greater responsibility” and he has put the phrase to the test with his charitable endeavors.


For CEO Bob Reina the goal of giving back should be part and parcel of success, not an outcome of it. That is why Reina donated a record breaking, and jaw dropping, $1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. That thought process is also why Reina has continually made donations to an Indonesian Orphanage in order to give the children there the means and resources they need to have a better life while waiting for their ‘forever home’. The donations and philanthropic work that Reina has been a part of has spread to over 140 different countries. It’s easy now to see why Reina has been doing so well of late.


However, Reina isn’t only going to be the one giving back. Reina has also made it possible for Talk Fusion users to set up a charity account with a customized monthly donation plan. The charity account comes with all of the things that makes Talk Fusion so popular, like their award winning Video Chat and Video Email, while also setting up companies with the chance to continually donate. Reina’s goal of giving back to charities and nonprofits throughout the world has finally come to a realization in a huge way.


Talk Fusion is more than just a philanthropic endeavor writ large, it is also an important tool in the back pockets of companies everywhere. Talk Fusion has created a resourceful program that allows its users to connect with people all over the globe, helping with branding and networking outreach along the way. Users of the Talk Fusion Video Chat program, in particularly, have had nothing but good things to say.