Benefits of Co-working Spaces in the Big City


Co-working spaces are very common in the modern times, especially among individuals and small businesses. A recent study by one of the furniture giant companies in the country known as Haworth revealed that co-working spaces could help the large corporations in becoming more innovative.

The company has also noted that co-working is not just beneficial to startups and freelancers. More and more corporations in the country are already using co-working spaces, and they are already ripping the benefits. Experts in the industry say that shared offices have all the potential to change the knowledge work fundamentally and at the same time catalyze innovation for the future. The recent study has also revealed that the shared spaces play a crucial to the well -being of the workers in the large enterprises.


In the report, individuals who have used shared office spaces say that they were more productive and creative in their daily activities. The employees say that they were creative in their operations because the working atmosphere was satisfying compared to the traditional office. Shared office spaces throughout NYC were previously preferred by freelancers, but they are now being embraced by corporate organizations in the region.


Experts around the globe have realized that the shared offices are gaining a lot of popularity in the recent times. Gabor Nagy is a respected research manager who works with Haworth, and he has noticed the new growth in these types of offices. Gabor believes that this new growth reflects the changing aspirations of the young employees.

Gabor has also realized that most of the young people in the modern times are no longer interested in working for large enterprises that are already successful. These young professionals are always looking to work for a cool startup. In these startups, an individual’s impact is clearly visible.


Workville is one of the shared office spaces that are found in New York City. Workville is located in a perfect environment, and the companies who hire the offices will have access to reliable transport and good parking. Essential facilities such as restaurants and gyms are also available for the individuals who choose to use Workville.