Malcolm Casselle: Introducing the Solution for the Virtual Asset Market

Malcolm Casselle is the CIO of the game-changing virtual assets for in-game called OPSKins. This is also recognized as the leading bitcoin in the market currently. It has some followers who actively make cross-border payments. There has been a demand in the market for decentralization. In as much as it is leading in the centralized marketplace for most virtual assets, it has some in-capacities regarding technological abilities. This makes the next move to fall for the decentralized market for those virtual assets.

On the same note, the OPSkins creators are launching the latest blockchain platform for the trading of virtual assets. It goes by the name Worldwide Asset eXchange; WAX. WAX is the next option being a P2P marketplace for the trading of a virtual asset. It has been established from decentralized smart contracts and blockchain that allow the sellers and buyers to trade their virtual assets more effectively with each other.

WAX has come in handy to solve two significant concerns. One of the issues is fragmentation while the other is fraud. It allows all the users to buy and sell their virtual goods easily. Looking into how the WAX blockchain brings together the fragmented virtual asset marketplace, is because of the tokenization of the blockchain application. It enables the buyers and sellers to tokenize and engage in the trade without any fears effectively. This way, there is unity in the blockchain market.

The second issue of fraud is solved by the fact that there is no involvement of middlemen. It eliminates the intermediaries within the trading system. Malcolm Casselle is known to be the current president of the WAX project. He has been actively involved in the founding of businesses especially those that are related to technology. He also invests in other companies, as he has always been a reliable investor for Facebook and Zynga among others. While growing up in the career world, Malcolm Casselle co-founded a company based in Hong Kong. He also helped in the initiative of contributing millions of money for specific transactions. Malcolm Casselle has a degree in computer science from Stanford and MIT Universities. He is a fluent speaker of Mandarin and Japanese.