Preparing for the Trade With Netpicks

Many sources of information go into all of the different strategies to use for trading. However, there is one thing that they fail to go into. This is mental preparation. Fortunately, Netpicks talks about having the right mentality as a trader. This is also something that is discussed in forums. Often times, the poster says that a trader has to be like a robot when he is trading. This means that emotions can’t be allowed to get in the way. After all, when people get emotional while trading, they often make the worst decisions.

Netpicks can offer tips that can help people overcome their emotions when trading.

One thing that can replace emotions in the world of trading is information. When people take in enough information, they can formulate a conclusion that can help them come up with the right trading strategy for markets such as Forex and stocks as well as others (  One thing that they can do is come up with a really sensible strategy for their mental make up and way of processing information. The strategy is effective because it is developed with the intention of not necessarily winning trades but minimizing the losses of a losing trade.



Netpicks understands that knowledge and understanding is one of the best ways to overcome emotion. When people have knowledge of what they are doing, then their emotions will be less likely to take control of them. This means that there is a smaller likelihood of a trader holding a losing trade with the hopes that it is going to turn around. This will also reduce the likelihood of someone trying to get revenge on the market. One of the worst things a trader can do is trade a larger amount in a desperate attempt to get back what he has lost in a previous trade. For additional tips,


Netpicks Advises Using The Lock and Walk Trading Strategy

The major selloff in the technology sector has impacted all on Wall Street. The sentiment here had been somewhat arrogant earlier. Many investors were considering the market as unstoppable, but now there is a degree of nervousness here that had not been there earlier.

This change in sentiment has made this a shaky market. Typically the summer months used to be like this. But there is a material change to this sentiment now.

But investors can still take advantage of such a situation. This was where Netpicks advises making use of a proactive strategy. There are several such strategies that have been designed to profit from such kind of a shaky market environment. One of them is the “Lock and Walk”. Netpicks states that it has been profitable in the past in similar conditions. But past performance cannot guarantee future results.

The rules here are that in case of support is tested by QLD, there must be target resistance to sell. And in case of the support breaks, the aim must be to sell QLD. And if resistance is being tested by QID, then target support must be to sell. In case of the resistance breaks, the aim must be to sell QID.  Watch and learn from this informative link

These are not fancy rules. Indeed, these would be very familiar to anyone who is using technical analysis. It means buying near support, selling near resistance, and in case of support breaks, it means to stop out.  Related article on

Netpicks talks about another important rule that is associated with this Lock and Walk strategy. In case this strategy has gained 67 basis points, it has been designed to shut down and wait. It will start operating when the next trading session begins operations once again. There are no long-term positions of any kind over here. That is the reason why it will do well in a shaky market environment. Learn additional tips from this useful link.

There is a lot more about the history of the Lock and Walk strategy and additional details. All these can be accessed on the site of Stock Traders Daily. In this way, Netpicks recommends this strategy to investors in such times.  Check on for more details about trading.