Jeff Yastine Providing Stock Solutions for Investors

     Jeff Yastine popularly known as JL is a prominent personality who serves as an Editorial Director at Banyan Hill Publishing since 2015. Moreover, he is the editor of Total Wealth Insider and its weekly contributor with roles of helping investors understand the profits and market opportunities. Mr. Yastine is also a weekly contributor to Banyan Hill Sovereign Investor Daily and at Winning Investor Daily.

Banyan Hill Publishing is a research company that mainly provides research on wealth protection, entrepreneurship and investing. The firm publishes services that aim to meet growth and financial goals. Many successful entrepreneurs have their newsletters published by Banyan Hill Publishing such as Paul Mampilly’s Profits Unlimited newsletter.

Moreover, with the help of Jeff Yastine, Banyan Hill Publishing provides economic reports and trading systems that help an investor identify high performing stocks. At Banyan, Jeff helps global network investors who are seeking out investment chances and a solution to the challenges of wealth preservation and asset protection.

JL mainly works to help investors understand the market, business, and economic trends. With over two decades of expertise as a stock market investor and financial journalist, Jeff has benefited many investors. From 1994 to 2000, Mr. Yastine served at PBS Nightly Business Report (NBR) as a financial correspondent and anchor. At NBR he mainly worked to find exciting stories attracting investors and business people

He uses his journalist career to report many investment articles and speaking to successful entrepreneurs and financiers learning a lot in the stock industry. In 2002, JL released a report called the NBR Guide to Buying Bonds. On the report, he included his investigation into America’s unique but inadequate infrastructure system that needed to be renovated such as bridges, dams, and roads. This story earned him an Emmy Award for Business and Financial Reporting nomination in 2007 in the series, State of Repair.

Mr. Yastine served as an editorial director from 2011 to early 2013 at the Oxford LLC overseeing editorial development in freelance professionals and in-house staff. Also, from April 2013 to July 2015, Jeff worked at Newsmax Media, Inc. in Florida as the director of financial newsletters.

Jeff Yastine enrolled at the University of Florida from 1983 to 1986 where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Telecommunications specialized in Electronic Journalism. Jeff Yastine is passionate about helping people gain the ability to make solid financial decisions and obtain the freedom of total wealth. He is excited about taking stock investment business to the next level.


Livio Bisterzo Leverages Celebrity Investors and Prominent Value Chains To Grow Hippeas

     Hippeas is enjoying a fresh round of funding supported by the celebrity actor Leonardo DiCaprio and Strand Equity Partners, a private equity firm from Chicago. Green Park Holdings is the chickpea puff snacks distributor and the brand’s holding company. The founder and CEO Livio Bisterzo quoted the total amount raised in the latest round at $2.5 million. This is from the two financiers above, angel investors and friends of the company.

The firm posted a similar amount in annual wholesale revenue in 2016. According to Livio Bisterzo, the company is expected to hit the $11 million mark this year. He is leveraging previous experience growing new brands to cut down the time-to-market. The Hippeas brand is hitting all the right notes in production, distribution, and marketing as well as with consumers.

The brand distributes its products in the US through retailers such as Albertsons, Starbucks, and Target stores. It also has a presence in the UK. The demand for salty snacks is high, and consequently, sales are expected to keep growing. There is no better time for new players to stake out their piece of the pie. Livio Bisterzo created the Hippeas brand in London targeting the vegan market.

Part of the sales proceeds is donated to Farm Africa, an agricultural non-profit that promotes environmentally friendly and profitable farming in eastern Africa.

The snacks are flying off the shelves owing to their sustainable farming methods and a nutrition-packed product. Livio Bisterzo was able to get key retailers such as Starbucks on board early on. He noted the new investors are the perfect match to grow the brand. He also noted the funds would go into augmenting distribution and marketing efforts at the company.

Livio Bisterzo established Green Park Holdings in 2015. The company focuses on healthy and nutritious food brands that are better for you. Livio Bisterzo has a long history of creating wildly successful consumer brands. Some of the popular names he has created include Maddox Club and Little Miracles among others.

He launched the Hippeas brand in 2016. He founded the Alvaro Group in 2012 and has invested in Snax. He attended the University of Arts London and graduated in 2002.

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Free Prostate Cancer Screenings From The Cancer Treatment Centers of America

The most common kind of cancer among men is prostate cancer. In hopes of increasing awareness of this diseasesand to show the benefits of early screening, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America and the National Football League Alumni Association have teamed up to increase access to screenings and to educate men.

Free Prostate Cancer Screening

Starting September 1st and continuing through October 15th, 2,000 men 40 and older who meet the eligibility requirements can sign up to get a free Prostate Specific Antigen screening at any of LabCorps 1,750 locations all of the United States. After these 2,000 free PSA screening positions are filled, eligible men can schedule a screening for the discounted price of $25. The testing must be performed within 180 days from the sign-up date.

By The Numbers

It is estimated by the American Cancer Society that 161,360 new cases of prostate cancer will be diagnosed in 2017. One in seven men are predicted to be diagnosed with this form of cancer in their lifetime. Experts recommend that those that are considered high-risk should get screened starting at the age of 40. Risk factors for prostate cancer include your family history and your race. African-American men have a 70 percent higher chance of developing prostate cancer.

General Information About the Cancer Treatment Center of America

The Cancer Treatment Center of America is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida. It is a network of five hospitals serving cancer patients all of the United States. They follow an integrative approach when it comes to cancer care using conventional approaches including chemotherapy, surgery, immunotherapy, and radiation. They also have therapies meant to help manage the side effects of treatment including nausea, pain, lymphedema, fatigue, depression, malnutrition, and anxiety.

The Cancer Treatment Center of America is working hard to raise awareness of prostate cancer among men. Sign up today for a free or low-cost assessment to help catch this disease early.

Sawyer Howitt- Practical Advice For Young Entrepreneur

     Sawyer Howitt shows his understanding of the desires of young entrepreneurs as well as the common pitfalls they run into. In his interview with affiliate dork, he frankly lays them out.

One of the most common problems young people have is they run out of money. Often, relying on their startup for an income puts undue hardship on a new company. In addition, if your startup needs more money, self employment presents a lot of challenges. Howitt recommends that you keep your day job.

You have options. First off, you can get help with design and consulting for your company as well as putting together your initial business plan. By enlisting the the help of qualified consultants, you can have a better grand opening splash than you could have planned yourself. Secondly, you can get an expert to do your website, the ensuing coding, and your SEO. These issues are often a source of major frustration for many new businesses. Finally, operations, organizing customers and contacts, product and service delivery and growth planning all benefit greatly when you get help optimizing.

Another big piece if advice from Sawyer Howitt is to keep your mind and eyes open. Don’t get tunnel vision on your business plan. Every person, customer or even competitor you meet is another opportunity. You may end up carrying a product you didn’t think of or providing a new, profitable service just because of your adaptability. You may even take a different job.

Sawyer Howitt is currently a project manager of the Meriwether Group a business consulting firm. His current responsibilities within the company involve financing and operations. He is speaking from his day to day experiences. Young people are full of good and viable business ideas, but, under planned or under funded, good plans can become forgotten history. Conversely, committed entrepreneurs with good funding,consulting, implementation and adaptability can accomplish anything.

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Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero Uses His Financial Expertise

     The giant corporation Grupo Televisa S. A. cannot be complete without mentioning the efforts put in by Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero since 2004. This was when he was appointed as the chief financial officer here. He succeeded Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega. In addition, he was also made the Director of Grupo Televisa, S. A.

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero is known to be a skilled leader as well as a financial expert. During his tenure at Grupo Televisa S. A., he occupied several other positions too.

Before joining Grupo Televisa S. A., Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero was working with Comercio MAS SA de CV. He learned several skills there which helped him to hone his leadership skills. He had been the chief executive officer (CEO) and the chief financial officer (CFO) too.

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero has experience of working in the finance sector also. He was a member of the Board of Banking supervision. He served there as the Chairman. He has also been a part of the National Banking and Securities Commission.

It is to be noted here that Grupo Televisa S. A. has been a prominent player in the media business for several decades. This company has been growing in a steady manner. But since the past couple of years, this growth has been rapid.

Another feather in its cap is its beneficial partnership with Univision, which is another leader in its industry. The deal that was signed between these two giants gave Grupo Televisa S. A. the much-needed access to operate in the United States of America and reach out to its Hispanic population. Now it has a much larger viewer base in the United States of America as it has millions of Hispanic people. Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero had played a major part in closing this deal.

David McDonald Explains the Relationship between International and Local Business, and the Chinese Market

     David McDonald, the boss of OSI Group LLC, understands local and international business only too well to know that the two are one and the same thing. In his assessment, a business operating internationally means having many local offices in different countries. Each of the local office offers services tailored to meet the demands, tastes, and preferences of the local community. McDonald understands that as much as OSI operates branches in nearly all continents across the globe, the terms of service are unique in each particular country due to different modes of government. For this reason, the company hires management teams that do not only understand the local regulations in the areas in which they operate but also the local culture.


The Chinese Market and its Importance

A leading producer and supplier of pizza, beef patties, sausages, and other meat and protein products, OSI Group has operations in not less than 50 different locations globally. The Chinese market, in particular, OSI has been in constant pursuit of expanding to as many locations. With over two decades in the country, OSI has managed to make successful inroads and opened ten processing plants in the process.

David McDonald understands how important the Chinese market is for OSI Group. He has previously been quoted saying that China is one of the company’s primary focus. He sees the economic and population growth in China as good news for business in general, and particularly for OSI. In McDonald’s assessment, China stands out as the largest consumer market in the world today. The consumers in the country also grow with the growing economy, which means that their tastes are always changing. With McDonald’s versatility, OSI Group has managed to keep up with this changing market.


More about McDonald

David McDonald has served as the president of OSI Group for the last 30 years. He got this job straightaway after finishing his BS degree at Lowa State University. In his position, David uses his management expertise to help OSI grow both locally and internationally. He works hand in hand with the company’s chair, Mr. Sheldon Lavin, to ensure that OSI remains highly competitive at the very top.

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UKV PLC Explains The Intricacies Of French Wines

     The wine experts at UKV PLC have been looking to develop the skills and knowledge of their clients for many years and have recently taken on the often misunderstood nature of French wines. Understanding the labels and differences between wines produced in the world’s largest wine production region is a difficult thing to do, but UKV PLC believe knowing the four major wine producing regions of France can make all the difference in getting hold of the best wines available.

Expert vintner’s, such as UKV PLC understand the French wine labeling system provides a large amount of information not often discussed in other areas of the world; each wine producing region, such as Burgundy, Bordeaux, Champagne, and Loire are rated for the standard of the soil and climate conditions that French winemakers believe makes all the difference to the standard of the wines produced.

Perhaps the most interesting wine producing region in France is Champagne, an area that sits at high altitude and has a cold climate that gives wines from this region part of their distinctive flavor. UKV PLC report the traditional way wines from the Champagne region have been produced is through a double fermentation process, but new methods of production have changed the entire system and reduced the use of double fermentation for many winemakers.

UKV PLC have developed a global reputation as one of the top vintner’s around from their base in London, where the global wine trade now finds itself largely located. A full range of services are now available from UKV PLC who will discuss different wine options for drinking, collecting, or using as an investment. These vintner’s have developed a major reputation for providing advice on the nature of wines and how to navigate collecting issues, such as taxation and storage that can hold problems for the novice and experienced wine enthusiast alike.

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Napa Valley is an Incredible Traveling Destination for Traveling Vineyard wine consultants

     Napa Valley is the world’s leading vineyard where some of the best grapes are grown. Aside from its exquisite wine, Napa has more to offer. Below are tips to guide The Traveling Vineyard wine guides who wish travel to this area.

  1. The Napa Art Work

One of the events to attend in Napa is the Napa Art Exhibition. This occasion is a famous event in Napa, and it has great art from some of the most creative minds in the area.

  1. The Napa Valley Historical Society

This place offers tourists an opportunity to see how Napa was before civilization. It is run by lecturers and local historians who give lectures about the history of the area.

  1. Visit the Round Pond Estate

Aside from growing grapes, Napa is famous for producing some of the best olives in the world. Tourists are encouraged to visit the Round Pond Estate to see the home of olives rich in herbs, fruit, flowers, and spicea.

  1. Take up cooking classes

In Napa, excellent cuisine and wine go hand-in-hand. The Silverado Cooking School provides classes to people who wish to learn how to prepare tasty meals.

  1. Take a spa day at Auberge Spa

Napa offers some of the greatest natural spa locations, such as hot springs, therapeutic massages, and spring water.



The Traveling Vineyard is a beverage company whose center offices is in Ipswich, Massachusetts. This company began its operations in 2001, and it deals with the marketing of alcoholic drinks, such as wine and spirits. The Traveling Vineyard has an average revenue of about $2 million, and its president is Mr. Richard Libby. The Traveling Vineyard offers a unique career outside the conventional 9-to-5 model. This company works with a group of wine guides who provide exclusive wine tasting experiences.

The Traveling Vineyard pioneers in the provision of wine tasting events for its customers before they purchase the company’s products. The firm’s wine guides are trained on how to manage wine tasting events, run their schedules, work environment, and manage their income. These professionals are knowledgeable in various types of wines and serve to educate and provide consulting services to other event planners and individual buyers.


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Whitney Wolfe Accomplished Entrepreneur

     Whitney Wolfe is an astounding entrepreneur. She is the CEO and founder of Bumble.  Whitney Wolfe was born in Utah. Whitney Wolfe studied at Southern Methodist University. While studying at Southern Methodist University her major was in International Studies. During her time in college Whitney Wolfe began a successful business. Whitney Wolfe was 19 years old when she started her business in college. Her business helped benefit areas that had undergone changes due to an oil spill. She sold bags that were made of bamboo. This successful adventure of hers blossomed this business into becoming known as Help Us Project. Her bamboo bags received tremendous exposure and worldwide press. After graduating Whitney Wolfe ventured to Southeast Asia and got involved helping orphanages.

Whitney Wolfe’s career began. At the age of 22 Whitney Wolfe became part of Hatch Labs. Eventually, Whitney Wolfe became involved with Tinder and was in charge of the marketing. In December of 2014 Whitney Wolfe relocated to Austin, Texas and established Bumble. Bumble is a dating application that provides women with more ascendancy than the conventional dating application. By December of 2015 the Bumble application had accomplished more than 15 million conversations and an astonishing 80 million dating matches. Bumble provides the platform for equality to be possible. Whitney Wolfe wants Bumble to become part of one’s lifestyle. She envisions Bumble to become a common way to form introductions worldwide. She wants Bumble to be a comfortable atmosphere where women can feel confident when introducing themselves to men. Whitney Wolfe wants to provide women with the capability of being able to always make a power move and accomplish anything in life. Whitney Wolfe wants women to have the capability to bring forth diversity into our world.

In conclusion, Whitney Wolfe is an accomplished individual and successful entrepreneur.

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Bruce Bent II: A Pioneer of Safe Investment

Money market fund is a special investment option that offers investment opportunities for a clique of investors seeking for safer options with quick returns. They are primarily debt securities that operate on a fixed investment platform. Investors who chose this option of investment enjoy the luxury of less volatilities and a significantly short maturity period on their investments. Moreover, some of the options provided by money market funds are not taxable. This is because they are mostly exempted from taxes. However, in some cases they fail to meet the threshold for taxation. Money market funds also come with a low credit risk due to their short maturity period and low volatility. Short term investors would find money markets funds more appealing as well as those seeking for safe investment options with low risks. Since money market funds are extremely liquid, it attracts securities investors who are keen on quick returns even though the returns on investment are significantly low compared to other investment options.

Bruce Bent II: An Industry Veteran

Bruce Bent is a financial expert and buisness entreprenuer who knows all to well the ins and outs of money market funds. Bruce Bent II is currently serving as the president and the vice chairman of the company’s board of directors at Double Rock Corporation where he has works. However, his reputation as a visionary and innovative leader stretches beyond his current roles. He is an industry veteran with years of experience. In 2000, he joined the company as an assistant treasurer. He rose meteorically in a career that saw him become one of the company’s executives. He was also a trustee of the company’s joint trust fund.

Academic Background

Other than his business strategy skills and specialization in mutual funds and financial services, he also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Philosophy from the Northeastern University.

When Reserve Management Company and Hallmark Investment Series Trust came together and formed an investment fund, he was appointed as the trustee of trusts for the fund. He also worked for several companies including RMCI and RESRV among others.

For more information follow Bruce Bent II on Twitter.