Traveling Vineyard: How to Work with Wine, at Home or Traveling

The process of making wine is very delicate and full of tips and tricks, as there are many steps to producing the perfect drink. Wine enthusiasts are always learning new ways of improving their wines, and Traveling Vineyard is one of the great ways of being part of this community while also improving your knowledge on the beverage.

Traveling vineyard offers a way of becoming a Wine guide and learning everything you need to know about wine tasting, the production of wine and all of its culture and backstory. What are the differences between wines that come from Portugal, or Italy? Why are some grapes more expensive than others? All of these questions can be answered if you are interested in becoming a wine guide with Traveling Vineyard.

A wine guide has simple tasks: Become the host of a wine tasting party, help the client organize their wines and choose their drinks wisely, or travel alongside wine enthusiasts to many different destinations in the world.

Traveling Vineyard can take you to Napa Valley, where some of the most expensive grapes in the world are cultivated. Napa Valley has an excellent environment to explore, and you can explore it by submitting to their website and learn to become a guide.

Traveling Vineyard is all over the social media, so you can definitely learn more about their business model by following them on Twitter or CrunchBase. If you really enjoy the drink and the backstory, but you think you don’t have enough prior knowledge about wine production and tasting, you don’t need to worry, as Traveling Vineyard trains their wine guides before they are called to throw a wine tasting party or travel with the team.

Traveling Vineyard incentivizes their wine guides to work at home. In their most recent article, “How to throw a wine tasting party,” they teach you on how you can throw a party to your friends or wine enthusiasts who could be possible clients to make it successful.

Between tips and tricks to throw an amazing party, the Traveling Vineyard guides explain to you on how to choose the theme of your party, what are the supplies that you’ll have to gather before calling the guests, and naturally, how to prepare the drinks to learn more about us: click here.

If you really love wines and you want to work in a flexible schedule, be it in your home or by traveling to many exotic places, then make sure to contact the staff of Traveling Vineyard and offer yourself to become one of their wine guides. Wine guides have many benefits, and you’ll be able to learn useful information that will later allow you to start producing and tasting your own wines or even start your own company in the industry.