Mark Sparks: A Role Model for Young Entrepreneurs

When it comes to mastering several trades to succeed in this world, Mark Sparks has proven quite successful. Mark has often been referred to as a venture capitalist, an entrepreneur as well as a businessman who has invested widely in different fields.

Currently, he heads a venture called Timber Creek Capital where he is the Chief Executive Officer as well as the co-founder. He is notable for his investments in various industries such as telecommunication, where he works closely with Splash Media as well as Cardinal Telecom and Jay Wireless. Mark Sparks also has an interest in real estate, business solutions and finally venture investments.

Mark Sparks is currently based in Dallas, Texas. He is well known around this area for his kind donations to help the less privileged. Mark Sparks has on various occasions stated that it pays to give back to the community. He has been involved in philanthropy since the 1980s and has worked with notable charities around Dallas and United States of America such as Samaritan Inn, which a homeless shelter.

He has also collaborated with Habitat for Humanity to build homes for the less privileged. Other than that, he is known to support the America Can! Academy. This is an American High School magnet program that is based in Dallas Texas.

Mark Sparks is also an author. At the moment, he is writing a book about his life and how to be successful in this life. The book has the title “They Can’t Eat You,” and it’s a book that details how the C students can defy the odds to become the best at their respective careers. Mark Sparks was not good at books while in college or high school. He, however, managed to become one of the greatest investors and venture capitalists of modern times.

Mark is known to offer some tips that young entrepreneurs should follow before seeking out the help of a venture capitalist. First, Mark acknowledges that it will be difficult to attract venture capitalists if you can’t offer a special commodity.

A commodity that is unique guarantees the investors return on investment and they often look for this mostly. Second, if your product is already being sold, you need to make use of sales data to show that the product is in great demand. This way, you will be able to receive funding for the existing commodity. Finally, always ensure that you formulate a clear cut strategy on the way you will utilize the money you are seeking.