Deck the Halls with Wengie’s DIY Edible Pranks


Is Christmas ever really over? To those who love the holiday, it is Christmas all year long. To those mischievous folks who also love Christmas, each day presents an opportunity to fulfill their goals and warm their hearts. Wengie is one of those people who both love the holiday and pulling a few pranks here and there. Her creativity allows her to coin master pranks that are also quite delicious. Her Christmas edible pranks were as silly as they were tempting and most enjoy giving them a try all year long!


Edible Wrapping Paper


Imagine opening gifts with family and friends, and suddenly somebody grabs a hunk of wrapping paper and takes a bite. Your first instinct would probably be to gag a little bit and then you might run to the kitchen and grab a spare cinnamon roll to share, right? Well, the shock would be quick to disappear when you learn that the paper is edible! Wengie simply takes wafer paper, edible paint, and uses ribbon and bows to complete the look.


Edible Jewelry


Few moments are as magical as the one dedicated to receiving jewelry as a gift. Though this edible prank is holiday-oriented, it can be used all year long with the right tricky individual. The beauty vlogger takes a fruit gummy of any shape, an adjustable ring, and edible glitter to make this quick ring. When onlookers least expect it, she munches away and creates some uneasy yet oddly satisfying tension in the air.


Yummy Snowman Decorations


An iconic symbol of the season is a classic snowman. We see these mock figures in globes, on clothing, in holiday lights, and even food. The zany YouTube personality enjoys incorporating an edible one into her decorations and snacking in front of the unsuspecting. All she does to execute this prank is take cake icing, mold it into the desired spheres, and use poppy seeds as the accents, like buttons and eyes. She uses carrots for the arms, but urges viewers to experiment with other edibles, including pretzels, candy, and chocolate.