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Krishen Iyer is the well-known founder and CEO of MAIS Consulting, and as such, has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the world of business. In particular, he has a great understanding of branding, and how it overlaps with the growth of a company. This is why Krishen Iyer has recently shared his knowledge on the topic, and given some good advice for businesses that want to explore these concepts. Let’s take a look at the wisdom that Krishen Iyer has to share.

A Brand is a Personality

One of the first things that Krishen Iyer was eager to explain is that a brand is a company’s personality. In other words, it isn’t just a combination of their various outlets such as website, advertising, products, employees, and business cards, instead, it’s all about how these factors come together to create a unique personality for the business itself.

Branding Leads to Growth

Successful businessman and entrepreneur Krishen Iyer went on to explain that staying on brand such as his own companies, in every way possible will lead to growth for the business. It does this because a brand builds recognition (Businessinsider). 

Combining this with consistent content and long-term planning will allow a business to leverage its brand in a way that builds a loyal customer base among its targeted demographic. Another aspect of this concept is consistent internal communication. The CEO and marketing expert Krishen Iyer says that having a solid idea for a brand from the very start among the stakeholders is extremely important and that keeping management “on brand” going forward is the key to success.

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