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Citizen’s latest version takes advantage of a phone’s GPS and uses the phone’s built-in microphone and camera to detect dangerous activity in its immediate vicinity. If a user is in the area and a Citizen-reported event occurs, a notification is sent directly to the user’s phone, with the details provided as a pop-up alert. When the phone is brought out of “Watch Mode” or the user turns the app off, the device will become inactive. The location of the phone is also constantly monitored and shifted around the map as safe zones are detected.

Citizen app is currently available for Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Apps for Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry are expected later this year. The new version of the app gives users the ability to upload videos and pictures directly to the map. This update allows Citizen App to identify incidents and situations that are trending in real-time by users. The community is also more capable of sending in credible information and incidents that were missed in the past, thus cutting down on false alarms.

Citizen App is available on both Android and iOS, and Citizen’s website allows you to customize your notification preferences. According to the app’s site, anyone in the community can subscribe to their own local watch list for $1.99 a month. Citizen app sends these notifications in real-time, and has no responsibility for veracity of the information sent by its users. Once you sign up for the watch list, you’re alerted to any criminal, fire, or medical emergency happening in your area. This includes all the events that Citizen’s callers provide, including tweets, police reports, news stories, and citizen reports.

The idea is that people can sign up to share information that they or other neighbors see as potentially life-saving. So, for example, the teenager who’s sneaking around her house at night may contact Citizen and share her location in a tweet. At the base of Citizen is a digital community. With access to your location, your location history, and your social media accounts, users can view what’s happening nearby and take direct action to deter crimes, or step in during dangerous situations. Citizen app alerts can also be sent directly to you in-app, as well as text messages or emails. When you see what’s happening nearby, you can take proactive, preventative action and help create a safer community for everyone. Refer to this article for related information.

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