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Peter Briger is a prominent businessman in the United States and currently sits as co-chairmen at Fortress Investment Group. Peter Briger has a great deal of responsibility at the company, directly issuing change and bringing new growth to the company each and every year. Starting in 2009, Peter Briger was made a chairman at the company, but he has several other positions at Fortress Investment as well. Peter’s main area of focus is real estate and managing credit for clients as well as the corporation. Peter spent more than fifteen years working for Goldman Sachs before he made the move to join Fortress Investment Group’s team. Although he had a good spot at Goldman Sachs as Partner, which he had earned with more than a decade of hard work, he had been on the lookout for better opportunities for quite some time to improve his standing in the business world.

Dedicated to philanthropy, Peter Briger has done his fair share to give back to the community and help causes all over the country with his success in the investment industry. This includes various schools and education programs to help students with better opportunities. Peter Briger built his own foundation for the financial industry by attending Pennsylvania University as well as Princeton, earning his degrees in business and business administration. Peter credits his education for most of the accomplishments and knowledge he has in the financial industry. Fortress Investment owes much of its growth over the years to Peter Briger’s ability to drive the credit department as well as the company. Since the beginning of Peter’s involvement, he has been creating new moves for the company in order to increase their yearly revenue and expansion. With the acquisition of Softbank, Fortress Investment should be able to grow even faster with the addition of direct lending amounting to more than $2 billion.

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