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Haroldo Jacobovicz is a famous Curitiba Brazil-based business leader who has made a name for himself through his success as a tech entrepreneur. His most prosperous entrepreneurial outfit is Horizons Telecommunications, one of the country’s leading corporate-focused telecommunications company in Curitiba. Since its founding in 2010, Haroldo has led the telecom company to outstanding prosperity, and it has birthed Horizon Datacenter and the e-Governe Group as subsidiaries. Before launching Horizons, he was running the Minauro Company which rented and repaired computers for businesses. During a recent interview, this Brazilian tech business leader went ahead and shared insights into entrepreneurship and his success.

Lessons from failure

The Horizons Telecom CEO mentioned that the greatest challenge for any entrepreneur is experiencing failure. Most aspiring business owners give up on their entrepreneurial endeavors after their first venture fail. He revealed that when he was beginning his entrepreneurship journey as a student at the Federal University of Parana, his first business failed. This was Microsystem, a tech startup that he had set up to offer software solutions to business. Haroldo Jacobovicz said that the failure of his venture after one year of operation taught him a valuable lesson; he should be taking failures as opportunities to learn from the mistakes he made. He pointed out throughout his entrepreneurship career, he has had a couple of misses, but she has never let them derail her focus on success.

The business model for success

This tech industry guru said that in the 30 years he has been an entrepreneur, the business environment has changed significantly. He pointed out that when he was in college, he came across a thesis that noted that monthly fees were the future of business models. Today, what was predicted in the thesis is already a reality and companies are looking for ways to turn their products and services into monthly subscriptions. Haroldo Jacobovicz stated that monthly subscriptions are an excellent business model for anyone starting a business now.

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