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In business leadership, there exist innovators, entrepreneurs, chief executive directors as well as thought leaders who are willing to improve their business standards at varying stages. Some may be emulating the past approaches, but others are instinctive since they concentrate more on organic development as well as infrastructure.

The IOA chairman and CEO, Heath Ritenour is a tangible illustration of innovation and intuitive leadership under the application. Heath Ritenour’s leadership at this firm that has navigated several changes for over 30 years is commendable. This famous entrepreneur imparts the relevant values into the culture, brightens the IOA future, and kick-starts the journey to success.

Heath Ritenour has made IOA among the biggest private insurance ventures in America and has also worked with peers alongside his network to enable the firm to realize the goal since 1996. Heath harnesses his industrial professionalism in his first years with the agency. Heath Ritenour amassed the exposure necessary to become the chief executive officer in 2007.

Heath is still improving and modernizing the insurance agency, IOA, and he understands that the endless chances for the producers can be created and also offering customers the perfect insurance services alongside experiences. Therefore, Heath is perceived to be an innovative thinker who has embraced technological developments, consumer service, experience improvements as well as growth opportunities.

Ritenour is an insurance broker with a casualty, property, life, and health insurance license but deals more in risk management, business, and personnel policies. After being enlisted by several statistical companies, Heath talked about business as well as how his leadership skills are dependent on his life and success in the insurance business.

Heath Ritenour says that IOA was successful because it prioritizes clients and agents, something other ventures do not do. IOA believes that people lie above profits, therefore, creating a substantive business culture.

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