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Due to increased cases of sexual harassment and other related lawsuits at the company, Activision Blizzard CEO has decided to take a pay cut then come up with different measures to address the issues in the company. Many people deal with the company, and they were having second thoughts after the company experienced an influx in a high number of lawsuits. To deal with the different issues that face people, he decided to come up with measures to deal with the several issues. Some of the CEO’s measures include zero tolerance for any form of harassment in the workplace. Some of the vices the CEO is dealing with include:

Sexual harassment

There has been an increase in the cases of sexual harassment in the company. As a way of dealing with the issues, the company decided to develop strategies to deal with the issues. They are looking for ways to develop strict laws that will protect people who suffer from any form of sexual harassment when at the company.

Abuse in workplace

There are different forms of abuse that people face in workplaces. The Activision Blizzard CEO has come up with different measures to deal with the different forms of harassment. People interested in enjoying good life can count on the company’s measures. They are looking forward to making it hard for people to engage in any form of sexual harassment when at the company. The CEO is dedicated to coming up with strict regulations to end the abuse.


Those who suffer from different forms of discrimination can also get relief after the CEO decides to strict measures. In a recent letter, Activision Blizzard CEO outlined measures the company is willing to take to change the perspective. It is not easy to deal with the different perspectives, but they are dedicated to implementing the changes.

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