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The Internet of things has been one of the greatest inventions that have transformed the world. Devices that were never related can now be connected to make life easier and more convenient. Jason Hope, an internet entrepreneur, and philanthropist predicts more for the IoT. He says that even though the Internet of Things tool has dramatically transformed the world, there is more expected of it. For Jason Hope, the new invention is taking its roots and would be employed in other sectors like medicine. Jason has experience in information and technology.


After successfully graduating from the W. P. Carey School of Business with an MA, Jason Hope started his internet entrepreneurship career. Currently, he is known to be one of the best in the business and industry, using his knowledge and skills to predict the future of the Internet of Things. Besides entrepreneurship, he likes giving back to society. As a result, Jason Hope has sponsored various foundations that support technological development. When asked about the future of IoT, Jason Hopes speaks highly of the new invention. He predicts the tool to be used in homes to enhance connectivity. Therefore, one can control almost all the devices in their homes or work with ease. Remote control will enhance comfort.

On the other hand, the internet investor has predicted the new invention to improve healthcare services. He states that IoT can be used to treat aging, enhancing the quality of life. As such, the activist investor was moved by the ideas of SEMS Research and Foundation. The foundation is set to find ways of treating aging. Therefore, as Jason Hope states, people can live longer and enjoy life. Jason liked the idea and offered to sponsor the foundation in its early stages. Currently, the foundation has extended its operations and is consistently working to enhance healthcare services. It took the confidence of influential people like Jason Hope to ensure that the foundation ran smoothly. He encourages people to support IoT as it will improve the quality of their lives.

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