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Miki Agrawal always knew she would go far but never thought she would one day be the driving force behind going green. So just how did she get to that point in her career? Well, it all started when she was growing up in the back streets of Vancouver.

As a kid, she had dreams of running her own business but never thought she would actually be able to bring it to fruition. As soon as she was ready, she left that life behind & went off to college. When she first arrived on campus, Miki Agrawal had no idea what she was going to major in but that is why she took a diverse array of courses.

By the time she got to the end of her sophomore year, she knew she wanted to be a business major & this only further fueled her aspirations of being a business owner someday. As her junior year came around, she had to go to career day to learn about the different paths she could take when she graduated. She did not like any of them & this is why she opted to create a path of her own.

This manifested in the form of tushy, a business that makes toilets that are eco friendly. One of the ways they do this is by using as little water as possible to ensure that we can conserve as much as we need. Miki Agrawal knew this would be a good idea & sure enough, it flourished over time as more people opted to go green. She is now at the top of her field but knows that none of it would have been possible without the folks at her side cheering her on. She’s now a resident of the Queens area in NY.

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