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Qnet is a company that has been around for 18 years. They are located in UAE, India and South Africa. Qnet’s goal is to create opportunities for personal development, financial independence and global peace through the power of direct Selling. Direct Selling plays a positive role in the organization’s economy because it provides income opportunities, stimulates economic growth, and generates employment at organizational and individual levels.

Direct Selling is a type of sale in which the products are sold to consumers through direct personal contact with the seller, usually away from a fixed retail location. The main attraction of this form of marketing is that it bypasses traditional distribution channels, such as supermarkets and department stores, and allows sellers to earn commissions on their own sales efforts.

Direct Selling has been around for centuries and can be traced back to door-to-door sales associates in ancient Greece and Rome. It started to take off in the early 1950s with the advent of Tupperware parties and home demonstrations by companies like Amway.

Today, there are an estimated 100 million people worldwide involved in direct Selling, generating annual revenues of more than $150 billion. It is a significant source of employment in many countries, with millions of people earning an income directly from their sales efforts.

Direct Selling can play a very positive role in the economy of an organization. It provides opportunities for income generation and stimulates economic growth by creating jobs at both the organizational and individual levels. It also allows bypassing of traditional distribution channels, leading to increased sales and better margins for companies. Thus, direct Selling is a powerful tool that can boost the economy of any organization.

Qnet has been one the most successful direct selling companies in the world. They have created opportunities for personal development, financial independence and global peace. It is a company you can trust, and it will be around for many years to come.

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