OSI Group; From Chicago to global

The company’s journey of success is more than a century old. It is currently one of the biggest company with approximately twenty thousand employees in over 17 countries and 65 facilities. Its rise to glory is an indication of significant segments of the American economic history.

OSI humble beginning dates back to the twentieth when a migrant from Germany moved to Chicago, Illinois. Otto Kolschowsky opened a meat shop in 1909 on the western side of Chicago Ork Park to serve his community. The business thrived, and by the end of the first world war then it expanded into a wholesale covering other suburbs such as Maywood. With the industry at boom, Kolschowsky renamed it as Otto and Sons, and it progressed to being a significant part of the Chicago community for decades.

The business underwent another transformation following the opening up of the first McDonald’s restaurant by Ray Kroc. In 1955, he formed an agreement with the sons of Otto to supply beef to his fast food outlet. As the Roy business expanded, the Otto sons became the vital supplier of the growing McDonald’s restaurants.

OSI came to being when the regional supplier, Otto, and Sons took to the global corporation. The main aim of Kroc’s franchising archetypal was to avail consistent product to its franchises as well as the customers, the primary outcome being the hamburgers. Therefore, the pressure was on the side of Otto and Sons to supply affordable, customer driven and consistent products that would be transported to distant restaurants of McDonald.

The relationship between these two companies flourished to a point where Otto and Sons secured a position of foremost purveyors when McDonald’s consolidated its suppliers. In 1973 OSI constructed an art of state facility that used technologically enhanced machinery for the freezing of patties. The facility was partly dedicated to the McDonald’s while the other was left to serve the locals under the brand name of Glenmark. The transition leads to Otto and Sons becoming a two-track company.

Later in 1975, OSI industries were born. The name resembled the transformation the company had gone through for seventy-five years from a mere family establishment to a company that used technologically enabled machines and functioning on manufacturing capacity.

OSI further acquired additional ventures in Mexico, Poland, Austria among other and also introduced bacon and poultry products to some of its plants. The company has continued to grow and expand to Europ winning some award like the 2016 Global of Honour.

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