Jason Hope’s interest in technological innovations

The unique interest in philanthropy

Distinguished from all the other billionaires interested in philanthropy, Jason Hope has a unique taste of support. He is not the type of person who would dish out money because other people are in need. According to the entrepreneur, Jason Hope focuses on things that have direct impacts on the community. He says that he supports ideas and not people who need money to feed on. Being a billionaire, he has interest in technological innovations. Currently, Jason supports students and entrepreneurs whose ideas need funding, and they have no means of getting the funds. Through their ideas, Hope reasons that it is the best way of giving back to the community without having to compromise on the works of others.

The SENS Foundation

Among the projects that Jason has successfully funded, the SENS Foundation has received the highest share of his charity. The foundation is currently coming up with technology that reduces the rate of aging, and it helps people to look young even if they are past their prime. The technology removes wrinkles from faces, or it prevents them from appearing on the faces. Since most people do not support the idea because of different religious reasons, Hope finds true innovation in such ideas, and this is his way of Philanthropy. To the SENS Foundation, Jason Hope donated $500000 towards the completion of the project. This is one of his most generous contributions to foundation.

The relationship between technology and the society

Jason’s idea of providing support is based on the impact of the invention to the society. There are certain inventions which do not have any effects on the society. Such technological innovations do not receive funding from Jason Hope. The innovation that was developed by SENS Foundation was aimed at solving a specific problem in the society. Since Hope believes in giving back to the community, he supported the idea as a way of helping the aging in Arizona. The idea is set to spread throughout the world since aging is a global challenge. Other than the innovation by the foundation, Hope has equally supported other ideas of equal importance.

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